Lucky's Longpaws are the owners of Lucky, his littermates, and his Mother-Dog when he lived with his Pup Pack. They are composed of a male Longpaw,[1] female Longpaw,[1] older male Longpaw pup,[1] and female Longpaw pup with yellow hair[2] typically put up in a ponytail.[2]                                                              


In the Original Series

The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

The longpaws appear when Yap alarms them of the youngest longpaw playing with dangerous "toys" with an acrid tang, red-tips and hissing noises-- most likely some form of fire-cracker. They scold the younger longpaw, confiscating the dangerous hissing toy. The male longpaw congratulates Yap on alerting them while calling him lucky. This becomes Yap's new adult-dog name.

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