Mother lived in different times. When longpaws controlled the city... and the Earth-Dog was peaceful and on our side.
— Lucky thinking about his Mother-Dog in Storm of Dogs, chapter 21
Lucky's Mother-Dog
Leashed Dog,[1] Pup Pack[2]
Retriever mix[3]
Names Member: Unknown
Family Mate: Unnamed Sheltie
Sons: Lucky, Yowl, Snip
Daughters: Bella, Yip
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake
Dead Darkness Falls

Lucky's Mother is a female[2] Retriever mix dog[5] with large paws,[6] silky fur,[7] and deep brown eyes.[8]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Mother-Dog stands over her pups one night before story time and nuzzles them in order, licking their faces clean. She treads her ritual circle, then curls around her pups, ready for sleep. Squeak tells Yap to wake up, as their mother would tell them a story. Mother-Dog washes Squeak affectionately with her tongue and muffles her daughter's yelps.
Mother-Dog asks her pups if they would like to hear the Storm of Dogs, and all of her pups but Squeak enthusiastically agree. Mother-Dog settles around her pup's bodies and thumps her tail. Her voice grows low and solemn as she begins to tell the tale of the Storm of Dogs- how the Sky-Dogs watched over Lightning, but how the Earth-Dog was jealous of Lightning, and wanted him to die. She explains that Lightning was so fast he could outrun the Earth-Dog's growls and death itself, and during the great battle, the Storm of Dogs, all the dogs of the world fought to see who would rule over the territories of the world. She continues that the Earth-Dog thought Lightning's life force would be freed and she could take his body, but Lightning escaped death once more, so Earth-Dog laid him a trap.
At this, Yip exclaims that that is mean, but Mother-Dog nuzzles her and tells Yip that it is not. She explains that Earth-Dog was right to claim Lightning, and that when their Sire-Dog died, his body fed the earth too. The pups falls silent at this, and Mother-Dog goes on with her story that Lightning tried to escape the Storm of Dogs with his speed, and was almost free when the Earth-Dog sent a Big Growl to open the ground in front of him, and though Lightning saw the ground open up, he was too fast to stop. She goes on that the Sky-Dogs loved Lightning, and as he began to plummet to his death, the Sky-Dogs sent a great wind that spun so fast that it caught Lightning as he fell and lifted him into the sky, where he remains to this day.
At the end of the story, the pups snuggle more tightly against their Mother-Dog's side and gaze up at her, and Yowl asks if Lightning will always be there. Mother-Dog answers that he will, and that when they see fire flashing in the sky as the Sky-Dogs howl, it is actually Lightning running down to the earth and teasing the Earth-Dog. Mother-Dog licks Yap's sleepy face, and tells her pups that she has heard dogs say that there will be another great battle again one day. Yowl yawns and asks if it will be for a long time before the battle, but Mother-Dog does not know.
Yap closes his eyes, and thinks that he loves falling asleep to his mother's stories. Mother-Dog curls protectively around her pups, and before they fall asleep, warn them to watch out for the Storm of Dogs.
Later, Lucky's Mother-dog is mentioned when there is a Growl, and Lucky tells Sweet that it was a Growl, and his Mother-Dog used to tell him stories about the Earth-Dog and the Growls she sent.
When Lucky finds Bella and her Pack, Bella says that she used to think that all dogs were Sheltie-retreievers, and Lucky asks if that is what they are. Bella says yes, and asks if he does not remember their sire and Mother-Dog. After Bella introduces her pack to Lucky, Bella asks if he remembers the stories their Mother used to tell them when they were pups. Lucky says "of course," and Bella murmurs that she is thinking about the story of Omega Wind and the Forest-Dog, and asks if he remembers it. After Bella finishes the story and they begin to fall asleep, Lucky remembers when he was in the Pup-Pack, and how the company of other little dogs was as natural for a puppy as needing his Mother-Dog beside him to look after him and love him.
Later, after Martha saves Bruno from drowning, Lucky remembers his Mother-Dog's words about the Storm of Dogs. Much later, the night before Lucky leaves the Leashed Pack, he dreams of the Storm of Dogs, and thinks that it is like the final battle of the Sky-Dogs that his mother had told him would come one day.

A Hidden Enemy

After Yap hears a strange howling noise, he goes back to where his littermates and mother are, and squeezes in among them beneath Mother-Dog's belly. Yap asks what the noise was and if the others heard it, and they agree, one exclaiming that it was a scary dog. Mother-Dog tells them that it wasn't a dog, but was a wolf, but that he will not come here. The pups get nervous at the sound of the word, and Mother-Dog, amusement in her voice, reassures them that there is no need to worry, as wolves are not that different from them, but that though they are fast, strong, and fierce, they are also also wild, cunning, and crafty. Squeak bets that she could outsmart a wolf, but Mother-Dog hopes that she would not, as dogs are clever but not devious, and tells her pups to always remember that dogs are noble and honorable.
When Snip mentions that it sounded like a dog when it howled, Mother-Dog replies that wolves and dogs have been connected for a long time, but that wolves still must not be trusted. She tells her pups that if they ever see a wolf, they should keep their distance and run if they must. Yap asks why, and Mother-Dog responds that the moment their back is turned, a wolf would sink its teeth into their flesh, and she tells them not to ever get close to a wolf.
Mother-Dog reminds them that Nuzzle did, and regretted it, as she had always been too curious, and followed the wolves when she heard them howl because she was brave and inquisitive. Squeak interrupts that she is brave too, but Mother-Dog tells her daughter that there is a difference between brave and foolish. She explains that the Wild Wolf-Pack caught and trapped Nuzzle, and their leader, Greatfang, would have killed her for spying on them had she not been Lightning's grandpup. She goes on that although Lightning was a Sky-Dog by then, he leaped to the earth when he saw Nuzzle in danger, and set fire to the First Pine and Greatfang both. She finishes that the Wild Wolf-Pack fled, and Nuzzle grew up to be Wildfire, but that the rest of them cannot rely on Lightning, and must learn from Nuzzle's mistakes.
The distant howling echoes again, and Mother-Dog pricks her ears to listen. Yap feels relaxed because Mother-Dog's flank is warm and her heart beats comfortingly against her heart. He thinks that she will protect them all, and guesses out loud that even if the wolf came they would be all right. Squeak reminds him that, as Mother-Dog said, the wolf couldn't get them there, and their Mother, amusement rumbling in her throat, agrees that the wolf would never come there. She tells them that they are all safe, and should go to sleep.
Later, when Lucky wonders if he should save a dog from the edge of a chasm, he decides that he must, since his Mother-Dog had once said that a dog is noble and honorable. After Lucky agrees to spy for Bella and the Leashed Pack, he thinks that he is a clever, cunning, crafty, and sneaky dog, but remembers uneasily of what his Mother-Dog would have to say about that. When Lucky is among the Wild Pack, he is unhappy at being at such a low rank, but remembers that he is playing tricks on the dogs that his Mother-Dog would not have liked.

Darkness Falls

There is a storm outside and it is raining. Yap buries his face against his Moher-Dog's belly with a whimper, and Mother-Dog comforts her pups that there is nothing to be afraid of. Yap feels safer at the sound of her voice, and after another flash of lightning, Mother-Dog scoops them toward her with a paw and pins them down, washing them confidently. She reassures them that though it might sound frightening, it is only a storm, and is only a game between the Sky-Dogs and Lightning. Yap asks Mother-Dog if they won't hurt each other, remembering how she urges him and his littermates to play gently. However, she answers that they are just having fun and won't harm each other. She nuzzles each of her children in turn, and explains that the Sky-Dogs are littermates like them, and Lightning is their friend. She adds that friends and littermates stick together through thick and thin.
Yowl whimpers that they seem so angry, and Snip asks if she is sure that they are only playing, but Mother-Dog confirms that she is sure, and urges her pups to rest, which the Sky-dogs will soon do also. Her voice makes Yap look into her eyes, but she avoids his gaze and turns away to look through the clear-stone. Yap wonders if he saw doubt in her eyes, or if he was imagining it. Yap wants to ask his Mother more about the Sky-Dogs but is too tired and falls asleep.
When Yap wakes up, he realizes that Mother-Dog is gone, and sniffs for her, locating her scent before spotting her nearby. She is a silhouette in the shadows as she watches the rain patter against the clear-stone, and she lifts her face to the sky as if keeping guard. Mother-Dog's tail wags slightly as Yap approaches, and he is positive that there is worry in her eyes as she turns to welcome him. Yap guesses that it is not just play-fighting, and assumes that something bad is going on. Mother-Dog lowers her head and tells Yap that he notices too much for a pup. They both turn their faces toward the clear-stone, and Mother-Dog explains that unlike other storms she has seen before, the air feels tighter and the Sky-Dogs howls feel deeper for this one. She wonders if they are really playing, or were perhaps angry. Yap asks what and who they are angry with, but Mother-Dog sighs and responds that she is unsure, explaining that a dog possibly did something to upset them. Yap asks if Lightning would ever turn on them, and Mother-Dog responds that Lightning and the Sky-Dogs are there to protect them, and no one has sharper instincts than the Spirit Dogs. She predicts that they could have sensed a threat and be howling to warn them of danger.
Yap protests that she said everything was okay, and asks why she told them that. She responds that she was only guessing and found no point in worrying them over what is probably just the wind and rain. Mother-Dog leans over, licking her pup's face. Yap pulls away and catches her eye, countering that it would be better if they knew that there was something to be scared of so that they could protect themselves. Mother-Dog replies that fear doesn't do any dog any good, and that the Sky-Dogs would always protect them.
The wind rises again and Yap hides his face between Mother-Dog's front paws. She comforts him not to fret, and says that the Sky-Dogs are probably just play-fighting. Although her words are empty to Yap now, he doesn't challenge her, but rather comments that they are loud when they play-fight. Mother-Dog noses her pup and says that they would be, as might Sky-Dogs can't play quietly. She nudges Yap gently toward his littermates and trods her sleep-ritual circle. As Yap is about to fall asleep, he remembers his Mother-Dog's fear that the Sky-Dogs are howling in warning.
When Alpha wonders if he should banish Lucky from the Pack, he says that the black cloud was a Sky-Dog, and he wouldn't be surprised if its rage was punishment for Lucky's deceit in playing the two Packs against each other. Lucky remembers that when he was a pup, his Mother-Dog had told him that Spirit Dogs could turn on any dog in anger.
Later, when Lucky goes to the city to find Mickey, but has to leave the wounded Fierce Dog behind, he vaguely remembers his Mother-Dog telling him the difference between wolves and dogs, and how wolves were cunning and sneaky, but dogs were noble, and wouldn't leave another to die. Later, when he and Mickey come back to the Fierce Dog pups, he is guilty for earlier on allowing their Mother-Dog yowl without helping. Lucky feels remorse that he forgot one of his Mother-Dog's lessons: to not let another dog suffer. When Mickey and Lucky find the pups' dead mother, Lucky briefly remembers his Mother-Dog's sweet, silky fur, and his littermates as they gathered around him. When they talk to the pups, he feels sympathetic that they never knew their Mother-Dog, and remembers his own mother. Lucky tells them that he understands their pain, as he was separate from his Mother-Dog when he was a pup, and still misses her and thinks about her. He tells the pups that he was very sad when he had to say good-bye to his Mother-Dog, but that only the Earth-Dog could look after her now. Later, when he and the pups fall asleep and Wiggle says that he cannot sleep, Lucky remembers how when in the Pup Pack he could not sleep, his Mother-Dog would draw him close, and he'd relax against the beat of her heart. The next day, when the pups ask questions about the Spirit Dogs, Lucky remembers that he, too, had asked his Mother-Dog questions about the Spirit Dogs.
When Lucky returns to the Wild Pack, and Bella asks him to forgive her, she calls him Yap. Lucky instantly remembers being at his Mother-Dog's side, his littermates jostling around him.
Later, when Lick asks questions about Squirm and Nose's naming, Lucky remembers how he got his name when he saved a young longpaw, and how his Mother-Dog had been pleased with him.

The Broken Path

When Yap smells the odd smell, he is worried and wonders where his Mother-Dog is. Later, after he enters the longpaw house and the young longpaw starts a fire, Yap barks for his Mother-Dog, even though the longpaws come instead.
After Yap alerts the longpaws of the fire and is being held by his longpaws, he squirms from their grip and bounds for the shed. Mother-Dog meets him on his way there, tail wagging hard as she proudly gazes at him. Yap halts between her forepaws and she fondly licks his head, murmuring congratulations for alerting the longpaws about something important. Yap whines that he thought they would be angry that he barked, but Mother-Dog licks his ear, and informs him that they seem to have found his adult name: Lucky.
Yap is slightly disappointed, having wanted to pick his own name, but Mother-Dog disapprovingly tells him that Wild Dogs pick their own names. She mentions that although some Leashed Dogs don't accept their longpaw names, his is a fine one. Yap repeats the name to himself, and Mother-Dog gently nudges him, informing him that it is a good name. She explains that Lightning and The Forest-Dog were both lucky, and tells him, amused, that it will keep him out of trouble. Mother-Dog tells Yap to view it as a gift from The Forest-Dog, and Yap agrees that it must be a good name if it is from the Forest-Dog. His mother laughs, nudging her son back to the shed.
Mother-Dog settles into the shady coolness of the shed and Yap rests against her, thinking about his adult name.
When Lucky tells Lick that he didn't have a naming ceremony, he recalls how his Mother-Dog was pleased with him when he saved a young longpaw from danger.
When Lucky gets angry with Bella for not talking with him, she asks him if he remembers the Pup-Pack and all the nights that they curled up together, staying warm against their Mother-Dog. Lucky asks if she thinks that reminding him of their Pup-Pack will make him forget what she did, but Bella says that that is not her intention. She asks if he remembers all of the stories that Mother-Dog had told them, and reminds him that she taught them to stay away from wolves, making her think that defeating Alpha was the right thing However, Lucky counters that she is now living with a half wolf and isn't keeping distance like Mother-Dog told her. He adds that she can't use her words as an excuse.
When Lick asks Lucky what love is, Lucky remembers the sweet, comforting scent of Mother-Dog, the softness of her voice as she told her stories of the Spirit-Dogs, and the warm bodies of his littermates.

The Endless Lake

In the prologue, when Yap and his littermates race to be outside, their Mother-Dog scolds them to be more patient, and she reminds them that they are not little pups anymore. Yap immediately falls back, and raises his head. He thinks of how the longpaws had even given him a proper name, Lucky, and tells himself that he will be quiet and patient, just like Mother-Dog said. When the longpaw opens the door to let them outside, the pups race across the clearing, but Yap is hesitant when he sees that the ground is frozen. Mother-Dog steps up behind him and informs him that it is frost, and is quite safe. The other pups also turn back to their Mother-Dog, wide-eyed, and when Yap notes that it is cold, his Mother gives his ear a reassuring lick. She notes that it is cold, but cannot harm him. This comforts Yap, and, reminding himself that he is almost a grown dog, he pulls away from his Mother-Dog and starts to nose the crunchy grass. The pup smells prey and tries to find it, determined to prove to his Mother-Dog that he is not a little pup anymore. However, he thinks that he would need help, and wonders how his Mother would say it, so the pup wishes the Forest-Dog to guide him to the prey. Yap gets the scent and follows the prey to under the wood of a small longpaw building, and when he has troubles digging beneath, he remembers how his Mother-Dog had taught him that, to be a good hunter, he must have patience. The pup tries to dig under the wood again, but Mother-Dog demands what he is doing as she stands by the clear-stone door. Yap replies that he is not doing anything, and won't be long, thinking that he will surprise her with the prey and make her proud. The pup quickly looks in the direction and sees Squeak bounding around their Mother-Dog and pulling at her tail. Yap thinks that that would distract his Mother for a while.
However, as Yap digs under the wood in a hole in the ground, he starts to fall and whines for help and for his Mother-Dog. The pup silently begs the Earth-Dog to let him go, but at that thought his breathing eases. His Mother-Dog tells Yap that it is okay and that she is right there. Her voice is muffled by the soil, and she sounds much farther above his head, but she questions if he can hear him, and instructs to stay calm and slowly come to her. Yap whines, but Mother-Dog reassures her pup that she is right there. Yap slowly climbs up through the soil toward the Mother-Dog's voice as she encourages him to come farther up. Her voice sounds closer now, and Yap takes a few more steps toward it before his head bursts out of the soil.
The other pups yip as Mother-Dog reaches into the hole and closes her jaws around Yap's scruff, and she yanks him out, setting him down by her side. The other pups gather around him, but their Mother-Dog snaps at them to let him breathe, and the pups fall back as she cleans the dirt from Yap's face. The mother presses her muzzle close to his, and growls at him to never to do that again. Her voice softens, and she tells her pup that she cannot lose him. Yap murmurs that he was scared and thought that the Earth-Dog had swallowed him, but that when he stopped fighting her, the fear went away. Mother-Dog gazes down at him lovingly and reminds him that he doesn't need to fight the Earth-Dog, as she takes them when they die and will protect them and strengthen them until then. Mother-Dog adds that she watches over them night and day, and will help him when he needs her.
In the story, when Lucky wakes to the cold, he thinks of how his Mother-Dog had assured him as a pup that frost was harmless, but that even in the city, that hadn't always been true, since Ferret Tooth had died from the cold. Lucky admits to himself that although his Mother-Dog was very wise, she had not known everything.
When the Endless Lake rises and the dogs are afraid that they will drown, Moon wails for the Earth-Dog to save them, but Bella scoffs that the Spirit Dog has not been kind. Lucky, although he truly thinks that his litter-sister might be right on the Earth-Dog wanting to cause harm, wonders how that can be true, and he remembers how his Mother-Dog had once told him that the Earth-Dog would take them when they die, but protect them until then. He thinks of how the Earth-Dog had watched over him when he had fallen down the animal hole, and thinks that Bella might be wrong.

Storm of Dogs

During Lucky's Beta Ceremony, Martha gives Lucky a bright-yellow stone, and her reassuring, warm company reminds Lucky of his Mother-Dog. He remembers how she had once told him that the Spirit Dogs would always watch over him, and that they will come protect him when he calls for them.
Later, Lucky has a dream where he is still in the Pup-Pack with his Mother-Dog. She licks his nose and he nuzzles against her coat. The pup yawns and asks his mother to tell her a story, and he snuggles closer as Mother-Dog rests a comforting paw across his back and begins to tell him to story of Lightning, the swiftest of the dog warriors. She narrates how Lightning was watched over by the Sky-Dogs, which caused Earth-Dog to be jealous of him. The latter decided that it was time for him to die, and Yap's Mother-Dog's voice grows deeper, and her body stiffens. She goes on how one night, Lightning began to tease the Earth-Dog, and Yap looks up at his mother, surprised that Lightning would be mean to the Spirit Dog. The Mother-Dog's paw across Yap's shoulder feels heavier, and she continues how Earth-Dog was expecting Lightning's tricks, and waited for him to spring. Mother-Dog asks her pup what he thinks she did then, and the young dog watches his Mother-Dog wide-eyed. Her voice growing shrill, she explains that Earth-Dog let out a growl and swallowed Lightning whole.
Yap is shocked; he had heard the story before, and this isn't how it is supposed to end. The pup buries his head in his Mother-Dog's coat, but her muscles flex and Yap pulls back, looking up at her for reassurance. However, he realizes that it isn't his Mother-Dog staring down at him, but Blade. The Fierce Dog pins him to the ground, and Yap asks what he has done with his Mother and the Pup-Pack. Blade simply says that wicked dogs must be punished, and Lucky wakes up from his dream.
Later, when Lucky is going to talk with Blade on an agreement, he is afraid at the thought of approaching the vicious Pack. He then realizes that it isn't a good idea to think of bad thoughts after nightfall and remembers how his Mother-Dog had once warned him that bad thoughts would infect a pup's dreams.
When the Storm of Dogs is about to begin, Lucky notices that neither the Sun-Dog nor the Moon-Dog are in the sky, and he wonders if they both deserted them. He then recalls how his Mother-Dog had told him that when the Sun-Dog retreated to his den, the Moon-Dog appeared, so that there was always a Spirit Dog watching over the dogs. However, he thinks of how his Mother lived in different times, when longpaws controlled the city and the Earth-Dog was peaceful and on their side.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

Lucky briefly mentions his Mother-Dog to Sweet when he tells her of how his mother used to tell him stories of the Spirit Dogs: Lightning, the Forest-Dog, and the Sky-Dogs.




Unnamed Sheltie:[2][9] Deceased[9]


Lucky:[10] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Yowl:[10] Status Unknown
Snip:[11] Status Unknown


Bella:[2] Status UnknownLast seen in Into the Shadows
Yip:[2] Status Unknown


Tiny:[12] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Nibble:[13] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Fluff:[13] Living As of Red Moon Rising


Tumble:[14] Living As of Red Moon Rising



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


""Watch out, little ones. Watch out for the Storm of Dogs...""
—Mother-Dog to her pups The Empty City, page 5

"You notice a lot, Yap. Too much for a pup."
—Mother-Dog to Yap Darkness Falls, page 3

"I certainly hope not! That's not how dogs should behave. Dogs are clever, but we're not devious. We are noble and honorable. You pups must always remember that."
—Mother-Dog to Squeak about dogs A Hidden Enemy, pages 2-3

"Friends and littermates stick together through thick and thin."
—Mother-Dog to her pups Darkness Falls, page prologue

"Fear does no dog good. Whatever's happening, the Sky Dogs will protect us."
—Mother-Dog to Yap Darkness Falls, page 5

"I was so sad when I had to say good-bye to my Mother-Dog. But only Earth-Dog can look after her now."
—Lucky to the Fierce Dog pups about his Mother-Dog Darkness Falls, page chapter 9

"My dear pup, the world outside may feel large and dangerous. But whatever happens, the Spirit Dogs will be watching over you. When you call for them, they will come– they will protect you."
—Mother-Dog to Yap Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 4

"Bad thoughts infect a pup's dreams."
—Mother-Dog Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 17

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