I don't know. But if you want to go and look, I'll stay with Fly.
— Meadow to Moon in Moon's Choice, chapter 2
Lone Dog[1]
Hunter's Pack[2]

Moon's Pack[3]

Names Hunter: Meadow[3]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Lone Dog[4]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice
Dead N/A

Meadow is a small beige female terrier with dark ears.[3]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Meadow is first seen returning to the camp in a hunting party. When Hunter is praised for the prey that his patrol caught, Hunter says that some of it was too fast for the rest of the patrol, and Moon is slightly startled, since Rush and Meadow are very capable stalkers.
Later, when Fly is discovered to be sick, Meadow comes up to him with a weasel in her jaws, and she gently lays it down before him, then licks his ear. She asks if he can eat just a little, but the brown-and-white dog doesn't reply. Moon suggests to Meadow that he might have ate something, but Meadow replies that no other dog got sick, and all the prey has been fresh. However, a volley of alarmed yelps echo around the glade, but Meadow tells Moon that she can stay with Fly while she goes and sees what it is.
When Star gets sick and Moon leaves camp to find a way to help, she hurries between Meadow and Rush as she leaves.
Later, Meadow is seen sitting with Rush and Hunter just outside of the hunters' den. However, Hunter comes up to Moon and tells her that he, Rush, and Meadow will leave the Pack. He explains that they will leave to not get sick themselves, and they will make a new, healthy Pack, and he offers Moon to come with them. Moon refuses to come, and Hunter tells her that she will die with the others, while he, Rush, and Meadow will live and be strong.
Later, when Hunter wants to return to Moon's Pack, he tells Moon that Rush and Meadow got sick and died, even though he tried to look after them. However, Mulch growls that the other day on patrol, he saw Rush and Meadow, looking very healthy, and he continues that they had told him that they decided to leave Hunter and snuck away in the night because they didn't like being bossed around.


Moon: "Maybe it was something he ate to start with. Maybe that's why he can't eat now?"
Meadow: "But no other dog got sick. All the prey has been fresh, and there's been nothing we haven't eaten before."
Moon: "That's true, but—what?"
Meadow: "I don't know. But if you want to go and look, I'll stay with Fly."
—Meadow discusses Fly's condition with Moon Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"Can't you eat just a little, Fly?"
—Meadow's urges to a sickly Fly Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

Moon: "What happened to Rush and Meadow?"
Hunter: "Oh, they got sick. I tried to look after them, but they died anyway."
Mulch: "That's funny. Because guess who I ran into while I was on patrol? Rush and Meadow are looking very well, for 'dead' dogs. You must have taken better care of them than you thought, Hunter."
Hunter: "I—"
Mulch: "In fact, they told me they decided to leave you. They snuck away in the night because they didn't like being bossed around like pups—and by a dog who's never led a Pack before."
—Moon, Hunter, and Mulch about Meadow and Rush Moon's Choice, page chapter 8

"Hunter was sitting with Rush and Meadow. "Moon [...] Rush, Meadow, and I are leaving the pack. [...] You'll sicken and die with the others, Moon. Rush, Meadow, and I will live and be strong.""
—Hunter mentioning his new Pack with Meadow and Rush Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

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