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  • I live in Narnia?
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is I like to do stuff. XD
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Welcome to My Message Wall! Feel free to ask any questions! If it is something I do not know or cannot answer, I suggest you take your problem to the staff, Like ReikoMango. -AllyAwesome2006

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  • Hello Ally, 

    I would like to ask you not to add unneccessary adjectives (see this edit here ) or descriptions for characters unless it is supported by the a citation (see this edit here ). If the citation does not support, you must cite where you found the page that it does.

    Also, more words underneath the history does not increase the quality of the article (edit here ). Your edits need improvement, otherwise I and Maple will continue to revert them. 



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    ReikoMango closed this thread because:
    20:31, October 8, 2016
    • Ok. I was TRYING to get an achievement but I got it by editing so that doesn't really make sense to me. Sorry for messing all that stuff up! I just ADORE editing things! Wish I was staff like you!



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    • Or at least a Staff member in training! That should be a thing!     :)

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    • It's typically not ideal to edit just for getting achievements. But it's alright. I appreciate your love for editing! 

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  • For days, My puppy has been barking and growling like a maniac at the sky! He must be a forune teller because a few days they announced Hurricane Mathew was coming towards Florida! He really knows his weather!


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  • I think A new character is coming to Survivors! My little pup found a rat in our back yard and chased it around until he pounced, caught it, and killed it too! Impressive for a tiny dog like him! Rats are tricky and fast! I think he will be the perfect hunter!


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  • Sorry! I had to delete the page you made because that type of info goes on blogs! You can still retrieve your essay, though.

    Just copy and paste it onto a blog instead. I like that you shared your theory, though! We need discussions like that on the wiki :) 


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    • Sorry I didn't mean to type that.

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    Hello Guest, welcome to Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki! We strive to be the best resource for the Survivors series written by Erin Hunter. Thank you for your edit to the Who is behind the Strange happenings in Last two Books page. The Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki staff is delighted to have a new editor in its community. If you haven't done so already, please make sure to review the following policies and guidelines we have for new editors!


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