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The Empty City

A Mole is a prey animal in Survivors. Moles are tiny silky black creatures with big flat paws.[1] They can tunnel very fast and burrow swiftly out of the way whena dog barely starts to dig.[2]


Real life moles have stout forearms, broad front paws with strong claws for tunneling. Their bodies are roughly cylindrical with no neck and a pointed nose, and they are covered in thick, dark fur.[3] They have small eyes and internal ears for protection while digging underground. Their diet consists of earthworms and other insects including small animals like baby mice.[4]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Daisy awakes her friends and drops prey at Lucky's paws, and Lucky is surprised that it is a mole. He exclaims that it is terrific and admiringly licks her nose, sniffing at the mole's paws. They can tunnel very fast and burrow swiftly out of reach when a dog barely starts to dig, and had only ever caught two of them himself in his entire life. Daisy is extremely proud, and Bella exclaims that it is wonderful, telling her that she never caught a mole. After the dogs calm down, lucky puts a dog n the mole and allows Daisy to divide it with her teeth. Although there is hardly a nibble for each dog, Daisy gives Lucky the largest piece for teaching them how to hunt.
Later, when Lucky his escaped from the Fierce Dogs after they trapped him, Bella, Lucky, and Daisy, he thinks of Daisy's mole and how proud and pleased she had been in presenting it to him, and decides that he will save his friends. When he reaches his friends and Daisy thinks him for risking his life for them, Lucky asks how he could desert her after she brought him the mole.


  • Moles are not actually blind but have small eyes and internal ears protected while they dig.[5]


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