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Below contains in-depth information on Chapter 1 of Moon's Choice.

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Chapter Summary

Moon's Point of View
In the beginning of dusk, Moon is watching her name-shake, the Moon-Dog(moon), rise. It is the end of the day and the pack is wrapping up the last of each dog's duties. She overhears conversation, from her Beta and Alpha. It reminds her to be patient despite her anticipation. Star, Moon's sister, comes to try playing with Moon. Moon rolls her eyes and says they've outgrown such playing. Her sister replies resentfully that she was no fun anymore.

Moon feels the sting of her sister's accusation, but reminds herself that she has responsibilities to look forward to. Star has no responsibilities and nor does she care. The hunting patrol returns, along with Rush, Meadow, Fly and Hunter. Moon's heart skips a nervous beat with her soon-to-be mate, Hunter, a decision made by her mother and father.

She expresses discomfort with being with Hunter as a mate, but tells herself that she'll get used to it, just like the relationship between her Mother-Dog and Sire Dog. Alpha comes out, asking Hunter for a report of the hunt. Moon notices Hunter has an aura of arrogance to him as the pack settles to prey-share. Star questions Moon's desire to be with such an arrogant dog, to which Moon replies that the Pack needed strong leaders. Moon looks to her parent-dogs and the connection they have, wondering if she and Hunter would have the same relationship. She then wonders if given the choice for a mate, whether she would choose Hunter at all.








Important Events






Fly is mentioned to have a duller look in his eye, an awkward stiff step and overall doesn't look well.

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