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Pack Lists are presented at the beginning of books, and are a list of the characters in each book.

Moon's Pack


Alpha — black-and-white male Farm Dog (Moon's Father-Dog)


Beta — black-and-white female Farm Dog (Moon's Mother-Dog)


Hunter — big gray-and-brown male dog
Rush — golden brown short-haired male terrier with a short tail
Meadow — small beige female terrier with dark ears
Fly — brown-and-white, snub-nosed male dog with long legs

Patrol Dogs

Moon — black-and-white female Farm Dog
Snap — small female with tan-and-white fur
Mulch — black long-haired male with long ears
Pebble — young black female dog with sleek fur
Star — black-and-white female Farm Dog, Moon's littermate


Omega — small, black, oddly-shaped dog with tiny ears and a wrinkled face (also known as Whine)

Wild Pack


Alpha — huge half wolf with gray-and-white fur and yellow eyes


Beta — female red dog with long ears and a feathery tail


Fiery — massive brown-and-black male with long ears and shaggy fur
Spring — female tan chase-dog with black patches

Patrol Dogs

Dart — lean brown-and-white female chase-dog
Twitch — male tan chase-dog with black patches and lame foot

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