But leave me be, pups...
— Morningstar to her pups in A Pack Divided, page 2
Fierce Dogs[1]
Fierce Dogs[1]
Doberman Pinscher[2]
Names Member: Morningstar[3]
Family Daughter: Storm

Sons: Fang, Wiggle
Mate: Unknown

Rank Positions
Rank Member[3]
Deceased (wounds inflicted by Blade)[4][5]
Book Appearances
Living A Pack Divided
Dead Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

Morningstar is a dark[6][7] female Fierce Dog[8] with pricked ears and a pointed snout.[7]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

Morningstar gives birth to Wiggle, Lick, and Grunt. Soon after, she and another pup are brutally murdered by Blade.
Lucky and Mickey find her dead body under the porch from the scent of sour milk. They avoid investigating until they come across her surviving abandoned pups, Wiggle, Lick, and Grunt. Morningstar is then retrieved and buried by the two Wild Pack dogs.

The Broken Path

Morningstar is mentioned by Axe when he sights Lick, saying that she must be one of Morningstar's pups.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Morningstar is speaking to her pups, telling them to leave her be and she'll be better soon. It is after a fight that the pups were sheltered from. Morningstar crawls underneath the house, leaving her pups as she dies. The pups are oblivious, and believe she'll get better soon, although she has already died and become unresponsive.

Dead of Night

Morningstar is mentioned by her pup when the coyotes approach. Storm thinks of her Mother-Dog as big and strong, capable of protecting them. Later on, Storm remembers the way her mother died- with her ears flopped forward in sadness.


  • Morningstar is the name of a medieval weapon that resembles a spiked mace.[9]
  • At the time of her death, she is seen with a heavy black collar.[1]
  • In A Pack Divided, it's revealed that Morningstar died from wounds and isolated herself from her pups as she was dying. Blade did not kill her immediately but fatally wounded her in a fight.[5][4]
  • Gillian thinks likes the idea of Morningstar having her own ebook.[10]
  • While Morningstar is a dog in the Survivors series, in the Warriors series, another series by Erin Hunter, there is a cat named Morningstar.[11]




Unnamed Male Doberman:[12] Status Unknown


Storm:[12] Living As of Into the Shadows


Fang:[13] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[13]
Wiggle:[14] Deceased As of Darkness Falls[14]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown

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