Red fur flashed again between the pine trunks, a few wolf-strides ahead. Yes, deer, he thought hungrily, And elk and mountain goats and...
Pup mentioning mountain goats in Alpha's Tale, chapter one
Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat

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Mountain Goat

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Mountain Goat

Book Appearances

Alpha's Tale

Mountain Goats are animals mentioned, though never appearing, in the Survivors series.[1]


Mountain Goats in Survivors are not described.
Mountain Goats in real life are described as having distinctive beards,[2] a long face, black horns, a short tail,[3] and long[4] double-layered[5] white coats and cloven feet for traversing the rugged mountain terrain. They live in America's mountains and alpines, from Alaska to the Rocky Mountains. Their coats aid in camouflage in the snow white environment. These herd animals are nimble and powerful, with two toes balancing themselves to grip and climb.[6] Each year they molt their matted coats in the spring and thicken again by winter. Billies (males) and nannies (females) can have sharp curling black horns measuring 6-11 inches.[7]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When Pup hunts a weasel, he thinks of how in the Ice Wind, he will bring many deer, elk, and mountain goats for his Pack.


  • Despite their misleading name, Mountain Goats are not really goats, but really a close relative. They are in the antelope family.[8]

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