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A Hidden Enemy

A mouse is a small mammal that appears in the Survivors series.


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In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky decides to teach the Leashed Dogs how to hunt, he tells them that they must keep their noses alert for anything they can eat, including mice, rabbits, or gophers. However, Lucky realizes that there is not even a mouse stirring, and decides to start small by practicing with bugs and beetles. When Mickey stalks toward some rabbits, three birds fly off in fright and a mouse scuttles into a hold in a tree trunk.
When the Leashed Pack find their territory, Lucky muses that there will be plenty to hunt, as it is an ideal territory for mice and rabbits. When the Leashed Pack give Lucky presents before he leaves them, Daisy gives him a rather crumpled mouse.

A Hidden Enemy

On a hunting outing, Lucky, Daisy, Sunshine and Mickey manage to catch three mice to bring back as prey. Later on, when Lucky is out on patrol with Dart and Twitch, he catches a mouse under his paw. However, Dart pushes him aside and forces him to release the mouse.

Darkness Falls

When Lucky and Mickey rescues the Fierce Dog pups and the pups are hungry, Lucky wishes there was a mouse, and scans the forest for the sounds of rodents.
After Lucky returns to the Pack, when he is doing his Omega duties, Bruno had told him that the camp is hard to hunt in, and he has been searching for ages but hasn't even found a mouse.
When the Wild Pack eats one night, Nose and Squirm tumble and play-fight over a mouse before picking food for themselves. Soon after, when Alpha decides to test the Fierce Dog pups, Lucky and Alpha see the remains of a small creature, and Lucky taps in with his paw and sniff it. alpha says it is a mouse and Lucky realizes that it was killed by a dog. Alpha informs him that the mouse was killed by Twitch.

The Broken Path

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Storm of Dogs

No mouse appears in Storm of Dogs. However, they are mentioned several times.
When Terror's Pack wants Twitch to stay with them, when Omega agrees that they are ready to fight, her voice is noted to be no louder than a mouse's squeak.
Later, when Lucky waits for the Fierce Dogs to come, he longs for a mouse to scamper along the riverbank or a bird to shrill, just to disturb the eerie silence.

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