Hey Survivor Dog Lovers! It's Ally here! Here is a fun little thing I think you will like. I'm gonna give you my opinions on some of the dogs in the Wild Pack. First, The Big Popular ones. So here we go with Alpha (Sweet).

Ok, My feelings for Sweet are very complicated. She's pretty cool, not gonna lie, but me and my fellow Survivor lovers have thought that, ever since she became Alpha, she's been a little... Blah. Oh, and by "Blah" I mean boring. Like shes been all "Get to it!" and "Come on!", Kind of like, snappy. So what do you think of Sweet now. Snappy or ... Sweet?!

Alright, this one I have no mixed feelings. Lucky has become a total Mom. He is always grouchy and like it seems that he is going all Darth Vader on us. Who knows, in the next book, he could be dressed in black and always muttering to himself, "Trust. No. One." Honestly, 4 years ago when I started reading Survivors, I thought Lucky was pretty cool. Then by the third book I realized he is getting WAY to much attention in the series. I mean, I was rereading Dead of Night and I completely forgot who it was when they mentioned little Daisy! What do you think? Is Lucky still cool, or is he now completely a grouch?

You know, Storm is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest dog in the pack, and it's so hard to believe that after all she has been through, she is still very young, almost classified as a pup! I think Storm is really cool. Not like, "OMG STORM YOU ARE THE BOMB.COM!" cool, but just cool. I do admit she can be a bit puppish, but she is doing very well handling grief and things that make her upset. If she were a human, she would probably be around the age of 13 or 15.

And Last but DEFINITELY not least, Sunshine, the tiny little Omega! Sunshine is a very good character and I really like her. She is very nice and shows lots of patience to those who are not doing things properly. It takes a very kind soul to be Omega and like it. It's the lowest and least important rank, and Sunshine enjoys it. She is always peppy and in a good mood, a complete optimist. Sunshine shows readers that even the smallest job can make a difference.

So guys! What do you think? Tell me about it and Keep writing your own stories! Keep a lookout for Into the Shadows, the new hair raising new book in the Gathering Darkness arc! it has all the great action, mystery, and fun that you could want. Don't forget to keep reading Survivors! This is Ally, signing off!

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