"I'm good at all those jobs—you know, the ones most dogs feel they're too noble for."
Sunshine on being Omega in Darkness Falls, page 189

Omega is the lowest rank in pack hierarchy.[1]


Omega is the rank below Patrol Dog.[2] Dogs in this rank are usually the weakest or smallest members in the Pack.[3] They do not have permission to hunt or patrol, as those jobs are done by the hunters and patrol dogs.[1] They are in charge of lowly duties such as bringing food to the other dogs and cleaning their dens.[4][5][6] Omegas must follow any task they are given and are expected to obey.[7] Mostly, Omegas are not allowed to leave camp, unless their Alpha says so.[1] Omegas are normally given the least amount of respect in their Pack.[8] They are always at the last of the line to eat the remaining pieces of food during mealtime, and often end up with an empty stomach.[3][8]
If another dog breaks a rule in the Pack, depending on which rule was broken, they can be demoted from their rank and become Omega.[9]

List of Omegas

The following are all omegas who have occupied this role.


The following are duties that must be performed by the Omega and are exclusive to that rank:


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

In the prologue, as Squeak and Yap are wrestling, when Squeak tricks Yap, he tells her that he will get her, adressing his litter-sister as 'Omega'.

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