A Pack is a group of dogs, foxes, wolves, or coyotes found in the Survivors universe.[1][2][3][4]

Swift-Dog Pack

A group of wild dogs, captured by longpaws and taken to the Trap House. Every member perished during the Big Growl, except for Sweet and Callie, who survived and escaped.[5]

Leashed Pack

A group of former Leashed Dogs bounded by their missing longpaw owners.[6] The pack was the main group in the Original Arc up until Darkness Falls. The group is formed by Bella and eventually the group dissolved upon merging with the Wild Pack.[7]

Blade's Pack

A group of Fierce-Dogs led by the Fierce-Dog Blade, the main antagonist of the Original Arc.[8] The group is the active enemy of the nomadic Wild Pack until Storm of Dogs, from there the group's whereabouts are now unknown.[9]

Wild Pack

A nomadic group of Wild Dogs formed by the half-wolf Alpha. His first pack mate was young Snail who grew up to be Fiery. Twitch, Spring, Beta, and Dart, had joined the pack since. According to Moon's Choice, Moon, Snap, Mulch and Whine merged packs to join shortly after. After the Big Growl, Sweet joined the pack and soon became Beta, exiling the old Beta. Then the City Dog Lucky joined, followed shortly after the Leashed Dogs merged packs. Lucky and Mickey, one of the leashed dogs, recruit the Fierce-Dog pup Lick in the storyline of Darkness Falls.
Twitch's Pack teamed up with the Wild Pack to fight the Fierce Dogs. A young Fierce Dog named Arrow joins the Wild Pack to help fight the Fierce Dogs. Twitch's Pack joins the Wild Pack and Arrow is accepted into the Wild Pack.

Terror's Pack

An aggressive pack led by Terror. The Alpha led his pack using fear tactics and his claims of ties to the Spirit-Dog Fear-Dog. The pack was dissolved by the death of Terror and became Twitch's Pack.

Twitch's Pack

A pack consisting of former members in Terror's Pack. Following the death of Terror, Twitch is voted by the remaining packmates as the new Alpha. Before the Storm of Dogs, they ally with the Wild Pack. When they win the battle, Twitch officially decides to combine his Pack with Sweet's.

Wolf Pack

A group of forest-dwelling wolves near a rural longpaw area. The whereabouts of the group are unknown as they were last seen fleeing into the mountains.

Longpaw Fangs

A group of Fierce-Dogs originating from the Training Farm, a facility to train guard dogs. They reside at the Ranch underneath the leadership of their longpaw Alpha, the Rancher. The pack is hostile in defending their territory but seldom leave the Ranch because their bound loyalties and role as herders and guard dogs.

Coyote Pack

The coyote pack, led by Mangles, is the only pack with a named coyote character that has existed as of in the Survivors universe. In the coyote pack, similar to dogs, there is an Alpha. Members of the coyote pack are called "cohorts" whereas the term of the Alpha coyote is at this point not mentioned. Like all canine-related animals, coyotes are able to communicate with dogs. Read more about this pack here.
There is another coyote pack that appears in Dead of Night, that is likely to return in future books. The pack does not express a belief in Spirit-Dogs.[10] Read more about this pack here.
Since coyote packs are not often a threat to dog packs, it's unknown how common coyote packs are or whether they will return in a future book.[1]

Moon's Pack

Moon's Pack was first mentioned in Moon's Choice.[11] Moon's father was the Pack Alpha and her mother was the Beta. The pack fell victim to a illness that ravaged their ranks and left the pack vulnerable to attacks. This Pack merged with the Wild Pack when Moon, along with Snap, Mulch, and Whine (then known as Omega), joined Alpha and his Wild Pack.[12]

Hunter's Pack

A pack formed by Hunter that broke off from Moon's Pack after an illness ravaged the pack. The Pack later dissolved after the two only members, Meadow and Rush, left.[13]

Fox Pack

A fox pack that confronted the Wild Pack over their murdered fox kit. The pack attacked the Wild Pack, and promised it wouldn't be the last they'd seen of them.[14] In Dead of Night, the Fox Pack's camp is revealed in a forest far from the Wild Pack's underneath a fallen tree trunk. The Wild Pack fights off this pack, sending them from their home, and Fox Mist promises they would go far away from the Wild Pack in peace.[15]

Rake's Pack

A pack consisted of Rake, Ruff, Woody, and Dart. This pack was made because the dogs felt that their treatment from the Wild Pack was unjust, and the four dogs who broke off agreed that survival in the Wild Pack was impossible.[16]

Bella and Arrow's Pack

A pack formed by the Fierce Dog Arrow and his mate, Bella. In Into the Shadows, Arrow was considered the traitor by Bruno, Ruff, Dart, Woody, and Rake. Arrow decided to leave the Wild Pack. Bella decided to join him and make their camp in Blade's Fierce Dog cave. Bella and Arrow were visited by Storm and Lucky one night. A few nights after, Bella and Arrow decide to move south because they thought it was too dangerous near the Wild Pack's Camp.

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