A Patrol Dog is rank below Hunter in pack hierarchy.[1]


Patrol Dog is the rank below hunter.[1] They do not have permission to hunt, as that job is done by the hunters.[2] They are in charge of patrolling the Wild Pack's boundaries so that no predator trespasses.[3] If their enemies are too large, they must send one of their dogs off to fetch help while the rest of the patrol dogs fight it off.[3]
There must be at least three patrol dogs patrolling at the same time, so they are able to send one dog off.[4] A Patrol Dog can be demoted to an Omega, or become a Hunter if they win a challenge.[4] Patrol dogs eat after the hunters.[4]


The following are duties that must be performed by a Patrol Dog and are exclusive to that rank:
  • Identify threats like foxes, dogs, raccoons, and sharpclaws on patrol.[3]
  • Defend the pack's territory or return to camp for reinforcements.[3]

List of Patrol Dogs

The following are all patrol dogs who have occupied this role.

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