Poor Pebble. I wish she could have made it too.
Moon to Snap about Pebble in Moon's Choice, chapter 7
Moon's Pack[1]
Moon's Pack [1]
Names Patrol Dog: Pebble[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Patrol Dog[1]
Deceased (illness)[2]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice
Dead Moon's Choice

Pebble is a young black female dog with sleek fur.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Pebble is returning from a patrol with Fly and Mulch, announcing the arrival of strange dogs on their territory. At their Alpha's probing for the location, Pebble responds that they were at the stream and taking their water as well.
As they confront the Wild Pack, Pebble is growling at the rival pack. She says that whatever the Alpha says, she'll follow, as the pack is confronted by the Wild Pack's invitation of challenging under Forest Law.
When the sickness begins to take a toll on the dogs in the Pack, Pebble works with the other healthy dogs to nurse the helpless and sick dogs.
Pebble is called for help by Moon as she fends off the hungry coyotes heading for the weakened dogs. Unfortunately, Pebble has fallen by her wounds, a cruel bleeding gash gushing on her flank. She survives the coyote battle, but succumbs to illness.
Pebble is sick alongside Moon. She is given Fiery's leaves by Snap to aid her sickness. Pebble dies from the illness and is respectfully buried by Moon, Snap, Mulch, and Whine.


"Whatever you ask, Alpha."
—Pebble to Alpha about Moon Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

"Pebble is sick, too. Her wounds from yesterday aren't helping."
—Snap to Moon about Pebble Moon's Choice, page chapter 6

"I owe it to Pebble. I was lucky, and she wasn't. I lived, and Pebble didn't."
—Moon thinking about Pebble Moon's Choice, page chapter 7

Snap: "All right, Moon. We'd better give Pebble to the Earth-Dog."
Moon: "Poor Pebble. I wish she could have made it too."
—Moon and Snap about Pebble Moon's Choice, page chapter 7

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