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The Empty City, Darkness Falls, Storm of Dogs, Dead of Night

A rat is a prey animal in the Survivors universe.[1]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky and Sweet see some raccoons, before Lucky knows what they are, he realizes that they are not overgrown rats.

Darkness Falls

After Lucky and Mickey rescue the Fierce Dog pups, one of the pup's stomach growls, and Lucky thinks that they could manage a mouse or a nice, juicy rat. He scans the forest and pricks his ears for the potential sounds of rodents.
When Mickey and Lucky come back to the Wild Pack, Alpha demands that Lucky proves that they need him, and addresses him as a city rat.
When Blade comes to the Wild Pack camp to take the pups, she demands Lucky to tell her why he took the pups, and calls him a filthy rat.

Storm of Dogs

When Lucky is captured by Blade, she mocks his Pack, and asks what they will do, referring to them as Pack rats. After the Wild Pack rescue party come, Blade tells her dogs that she doesn't want only Storm, and not the Wild Pack members, and refers to them as Mongrel Rats. When the Wild Pack are blocked and Storm mocks the Fierce Dogs, Blade snarls that she lives with the Mongrel Rats, and can't accuse her of dishonor.
When the Wild Pack decides on whether or not to keep Storm and Whine suggests giving her to the Fierce Dogs, Lucky is angered with him, and calls him a rotten little rat. When Whine asks to do the four-paws vote for ruling out Storm, Lucky silently wills Sweet to not let Whine, who he thinks of as a cunning little rat, to do that.
When Lucky goes to tell Blade about Storm's challenge, she calls him a City Rat, and asks if he forgot his last visit. Blade excepts, and tells Lucky to let Storm know that she should be prepared to be ripped open so the rats can finish her off.
Before the Storm of Dogs battle begins, Blade says that there will be another Growl, and that Lucky, who she calls a City Rat, has seen it too. Lucky doesn't know how she is aware that he does, but Blade continues that only the City Rat can feel another Growl coming. Once the battle begins, Mickey and Alpha fight, and Alpha taunts Mickey, calling him a Leashed Rat. After Blade kills Splash, Lucky prevents Chase from attacking her, and Blade approaches Lucky, saying she can finally pick off the City Rat. When the dogs think that there is a Growl, and the Wild Pack begin to run, Blade exclaims that the rats are getting away, and orders her Pack to stop them. When Lucky fights Alpha, the wolf-dog spits at him, calling him a City Rat.

In The Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

When Storm notices Arrow wants her to follow him, she sneaks away from the pack. Arrow stops at a pile of bones and asks Storm about if she had noticed anything off about the meal sharing time. After Storm responds, Arrow noses into the pile until he uncovers a rotting rat. Arrow tells Storm that he had found it hidden in the prey pile, possibly put there on purpose, for some unknown reason. This later bugs Storm and Arrow because they do not know the culprit and they know it was not an accident.

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