Rake's Pack[1]
Twitch's Pack[2], Wild Pack,[3] Terror's Pack[4]
Names Member: Ruff[4]

Omega: Omega[2][5]
Patrol Dog: Ruff[3]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Omega[5]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Ruff is a small black female.[2]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Ruff appears several times, though unnamed.
When a group of the Wild Pack go hunting, Terror's Pack run toward them with hostility, and Woody is the first to burst from the bushes, giving a warning yelp to his Pack. The rest crash into the clearing, and Lucky is glad that the new Pack is a rabble, as they clearly aren't as dangerous as Blade's Pack would be.
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The Endless Lake

Although Ruff is not mentioned by name, when Terror's Pack follows Twitch, she, along with five other dogs, creep out from under a bush after Splash greets Twitch. The Wild Pack are wary at seeing Terror's Pack, but Twitch's Packmates throw their forepaws on the ground, wag their tails, and dip their heads submissively. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to theirs, telling the Wild Pack that he wants to stay with those dogs as they are his Pack now. When some of the Wild Pack members protest, Splash tells them that Terror is gone and they might now be a real Pack, and several of his Packmates whine agreement.
After Twitch becomes Alpha of the Pack, all the dogs surge toward him, congratulating him, nuzzling him, and barking.
Rake is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

When Twitch's Pack claim that they want to fight for Storm, Twitch asks his other dogs- Rake, Breeze, Woody, and Omega what they think. When Rake says that they are ready to fight and can't ever repay Storm and the other dogs, Omega agrees, her voice noted to be no louder than a mouse squeak.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Ruff is first seen facing down Moon with Rake and barking angrily at the farm dog, their muzzles almost touching hers. All three dogs' fur are raised along their spine, and when Storm asks what is going on, Ruff growls that they don't want trouble, but won't be ordered around by any dog. She bares her fangs, but Moon gives a warning snarl in response. Sweet and Lucky pace toward them, but the three quarreling dogs glare at each other to busily to take any notice. Rake lunges at Moon suddenly, and Ruff and Beetle circle each other, snarling and darting bites at one another. Rake tells Twitch to tell her that she is undermining his authority, but the floppy-eared dog glances from Rake to Moon to Ruff, but is interrupted by Daisy. When Alpha comes and scolds the dogs, saying that there will be consequences for not showing respect to Moon or Twitch, and asks if they understand, Ruff hastily nods in agreement, and she, Rake, and Thorn keep their gazes down while Alpha studies them severely.
During a Great Howl, Storm realizes that Ruff, Chase, and Breeze are not howling, and notes that they are all dogs of Twitch's old Pack. Storm thinks that she doesn't want to be unhappy that night and she shuts Ruff, Chase, and Breeze out of her mind. After the Howl, Storm accuses Breeze of not joining in the Howl, and she answers that although maybe for Ruff, Chase, and Rake they were angry, but that she just never howled with the Pack before.
After the challenge fight between Thorn and Woody, where Twitch lets Moon becomes the lead patrol dog, some of Twitch's old Pack mutter complaints under their breath, and Breeze, Chase, Ruff, and Rake look sullen.
When there are loudbirds near camp, Bruno exclaims to run, and Ruff asks where they should go to. Since Sweet and Lucky are distracted, Storm tries to take leadership, but is accused by several dogs that she isn't their leader, and Ruff eyes Storm, lips peeled back from her teeth. When the loudbirds leave, the forest seems to relax, and Ruff licks her flank, seeming to be angry with her own panic. However, Dart asks Storm who she is, and Ruff snarls that she seems to be making a play to be Alpha, but Lucky tells the Pack that it was good that Storm took leadership. Sweet tells the Pack that the danger is gone but Moon growls hat they appeared out of nowhere and can appear again, and Ruff and Woody exchange glances.
When Storm and Whisper talk about the Fear-Dog, Storm tells him to keep his voice down, since some dogs are clearly listening, and Ruff is seen staring with her muzzle curled.
When Moon is accused of stealing prey, Chase growls that there is no honor in hoarding prey, and Ruff adds in a high yowl that it is letting the rest of the Pack go hungry. Sweet asks Moon if she knows who did it, but Moon says that whoever did it was too clever for her, and she glares at Ruff's smug face, and at Rake. Storm wonders if Moon suspects them, and she glances at Ruff and Rake in horror, thinking that surely they would never do such a thing.
When foxes come to the Pack, Lucky barks commands at the Pack, and tells Ruff, Rake, and Bruno to reinforce the other end. When the foxes leave, Alpha demands to know who caused the fox attack, and Ruff and Woody simultaneously growl that they don't.
The next day, when Ruff is about to join the next patrol, she frets that they might meet foxes in the forest, and her ears are laid back tight against her head. She worries if they come back in the night when they are not ready. Sunshine sternly tells her that they are all what-if questions, and comforts Ruff that she doesn't need to worry. Storm is impressed with Sunshine, who must have her own fears, but is still reassuring the higher-ranking Ruff.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

After Twitch is injured by the clear-stone in the deer, Ruff turns to face Arrow, accusation in her eyes. When Storm snaps at Bruno to defend Arrow, Ruff sneers that they should have known, and states, "One Fierce Dog stands up for the other one. what a surprise." Storm notes that Ruff has a lot more to say than usual, now that she's attacking Fierce Dogs. Later, Chase, Thorn, Beetle,and Ruff organize themselves into patrols and set out.
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Red Moon Rising

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"We don't want to make trouble, but we won't let ourselves be ordered around by just any dog."
—Ruff to Storm about Moon A Pack Divided, page chapter 5

"She's making a play to be Alpha, if you ask me."
—Ruff about Storm taking leadership A Pack Divided, page chapter 8

"Letting the rest of the Pack go hungry!"
—Ruff about Moon stealing prey A Pack Divided, page chapter 11

"What if we meet the foxes in the forest? And what if they come back in the night, when we're not ready for them?"
—Ruff fretting about foxes A Pack Divided, page chapter 15
"One Fierce Dog stands up for the other one. What a surprise."
—Ruff Into the Shadows, page 13

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