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Seasons, in Survivors, are the periods in the books where different weather and conditions take place. The dogs use the following terms to describe seasons: Tree Flower, Long Light, Red Leaf, and Ice Wind.[1]

Tree Flower

Tree Flower (Spring)[2] is a great relief from Ice Wind (Winter).[3] The snow melts back and the flowers and vegetation begin to grow back, as well as prey and puppies are born.[4] It is a nice time to find prey nibbling on grass.


Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy

Long Light

Long Light (Summer)[5] is a period when the days become long and hot. Prey becomes full and plentiful.[4] Sometimes the heat can be a little overbearing.[4]


Darkness Falls

Red Leaf

Red Leaf (Fall)[6] is a time when the leaves turn different colors.[4] In this time, dogs prepare for Ice Wind by storing up food.[4] The weather is usually not too harsh, but it is responsible for the chilliness in the air. Also about this time is when puppies become full members of the pack, this is shown in The Broken Path when Nose and Squirm become Thorn in Beetle in the Naming Ceremony[4]
It comes after Long Light and before Ice Wind.


The Broken Path and The Endless Lake

Ice Wind

Ice Wind (Winter)[7] is a time when everything is cold and frosted.[4] Prey is usually scarce and rarely seen.[4] Dogs can die in this season due to starvation or the cold, if they're not careful.[4] When it snows, it coats the trees.[4] Dogs are known to goof off and play in the snow sometimes.[4]


Storm of Dogs

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