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Alpha's Tale

Sheep are animals found in the Survivors series. Sheep are fluffy, white creatures with a stocky, fleecy bodies;[1] fuzzy coats,[2] and thin legs.[1]


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Alpha's Tale

When Dog goes hunting with Quick's patrol, he smells something heavy, warm, meaty, and slow, which is almost like deer, but different. Quick tells them that the longpaw keeps sheep, and they are guarded only by one dog, but the longpaw himself has a stick. As they approach the sheep, Dog begins to grow uneasy, and says that he smells something else. Quick disregards him, and gives the order to attack. Quick throws himself at the nearest sheep and the creature is hopelessly slow and clumsy and it stumbles as it tries to run. The whole flock of sheep begin to awkwardly and disorderly run. Quick snaps at the sheep's neck and Dog comes to help. The sound of sheep bellowing is loud ans the hunters stalk and snarl and kill the sheep. However, when Longpaw Fangs come, the hunt is forgotten as the Wolf Pack begins to run back.
When Dog is captured in the Rancher's house, he can't smell the scents of his home, but smells the overwhelming stench of horse, sheep hide, metal, and sawn wood. Later, when the Longpaw Fangs come back after attacking the departing Wolf Pack, Belle says that they drove the wolves farther into the mountains, and won't be back to raid the Rancher's sheep.
When Dog has the squeeze collar put on him but gets to go outside, his nostrils twitch at the heavy, warm scent of sheep that had gotten him into trouble in the first place. However, Dog thinks that their meaty odor is irresistible, and he looks at the creatures who mill in a corner of the meadow, but the collar immediately tightens. As Dog gets used to becoming a Longpaw Fang, as he watches the Fierce Dogs chase sheep into their den for the night, he realizes that the Longpaw Fangs are very loyal, and wouldn't try to sneak a bite of the sheep for themselves. By the full moon, Dog has troubles remembering when he didn't wake up the the scent of sawn wood and the fuzzy coats of the sheep.
One night, Calamity asks Wolf if he saw how Zorro let the ewe play him for a fool. Wolf grins, replying that the sheep wasn't even that smart, and only had to pin herself in the corner. Later that night, Calamity and Wolf are chosen to stand guard, and Sundance tells Calamity that she must make sure that the sheep are safe. Wolf thinks that Calamity is a good patrol companion as they pace between the sheep pens and the farmhouse.
When Dog tries to escape the Dog Garden, he finds that the fence is stuffed with earth and stones, and remembers that there is a rickety wooden shelter in one corner of the sheep field, to protect the animals from bad weather if needed. Wolf runs toward it and notes that it is maybe the height of two sheep.

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