"There's no rule that an Alpha has to look a certain way. Twitch is a capable hunter and fighter. And he always stood up to Terror better than the rest of us. He's smart; he knows how to survive."
— Splash's reason why he chose Twitch as Alpha in The Endless Lake, page 28
Twitch's Pack[1]
Terror's Pack[2]
Names Beta: Beta[1]

Member: Splash[1]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Beta[1]
Deceased (killed by Blade)[3]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead Storm of Dogs

Splash is a small,[4] thin,[5] mangy,[5] wiry-furred,[6] black male.[4]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Splash first encounters the Wild Pack hunting patrol and at Terror's command, he attacks the patrol.
Splash joins Breeze in assaulting Fiery, hanging on his ears. Splash proceeds to chase off the Wild Pack dogs as part of Terror's Pack. When they chase off the Wild Dogs and Terror goes through his spasms, Splash stands with his pack to keep guard.
Splash licks him awake with the rest, and they retreat to camp after he demands them to under the wish of the Fear-Dog.
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The Endless Lake

When Twitch and some members of the Wild Pack start coming back from their journey, Lucky smells something and realizes that there is a dug underneath some shrubs, though he soon realizes that it isn't a Fierce Dog. Twitch steps forward and asks if it is Splash. There is rustling and he, along with six others, come out from under the bush, although the Wild Pack are wary, realizing that it is Terror's Pack. However, Twitch doesn't appear to need protection and Splash skips up to him, throwing his forepaws on the ground, wagging his tail, and dipping his head submissively, his Packmates following his lead. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to each of theirs.
Splash's head snaps with a nervous start at the wind, and Lucky recognizes him as a dog that Terror had bullied him, and notes that all of the dogs look malnourished and fearful. Twitch introduces Splash to the Wild Pack, saying that he was like Terror's Beta. Splash murmurs that Terror didn't have a beta, and humbly dips his head as he greets the Wild pack. He turns to Twitch and explains that they followed him because they think he should stay there. When Storm snarls objections to this, Splash backs away, tail curling between his legs. Storm is more confident at this, and exclaims that he Twitch wants to stay, so they should leave him alone. Lucky realizes that Storm thinks that Splash is patronizing like Blade, when he is simply asking Twitch to stay with them, not forcing him. Splash nervously licks his chops and flattens his ears against his head. However, Twitch steps forward and says that like Splash had said, they are his Pack and he belongs with them.
Despite the Wild Pack's many protests, Twitch firmly decides that he will stay with his new Pack, and he takes a step toward Splash. Bella glares hardly at Splash, who is calmer after Twitch's decision to stay. Splash's tail slowly wags as the rest of his Pack hangs back. Bella tells Twitch that those dogs were their enemies only a few days ago, but Splash bows his head, and explains that Terror forced them to fight any dog they met. He adds that now that he is gone, they might become a real Pack instead of just a group of dogs. Several of his Packmates whine agreement before Splash continues that they need an Alpha to be a real Pack, and have all agreed that Twitch should be the Alpha. When Storm points out that he only has three legs, Splash warily eyes her and says that there is no rule about the way an Alpha has to look. He goes on that Twitch is a capable hunter and fight; always stood up to Terror better than the rest of them; is smart; and knows how to survive. The Pack yips agreement again. Twitch looks very pleased, and Splash asks what he thinks. Twitch says he could if they want it, although Moon protests that a Pack can't choose an Alpha, causing Splash and the other dogs to stare at her. Moon says that there must be an honorable combat, and Splash nervously shifts from paw to paw, agreeing that it is true. Splash draws a deep breath and raises his muzzle, puffing out his chest, and challenges Twitch to a fight.
Twitch and Splash front up to each other, treading a slow circle. Despite the objects from some members of the Wild Pack, Twitch's eyes lock on Splash, who has halted opposite him. Twitch prepares to pounce, but Splash suddenly drops to the ground and rolls onto his back, legs in the air. Twitch rests his front paw on Splash's belly and accepts his submission before dropping back. Splash climbs to his feet and thanks his Alpha. All the dogs congratulate him.
As Lucky watches Splash and then other dogs in Twitch's new Pack, Lucky decides that they are odd but not dangerous, and despite the odd ritual, it clearly pleased Twitch's Pack.
Splash is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

When the Wild Pack goes to ask Twitch's Pack for help to fight Blade, in the woods he sees Twitch with Splash and six other dogs. Later, when Twitch tells the Wild Pack that his Pack will not fight, Whisper says that he wants to fight and Splash steps forward, stopping at Whisper's side. Twitch asks his Beta what's wrong, and Splash lowers his head, saying that he would fight for her too, if he would allow it. He explains that it is thanks to Storm that they are free of Terror. Twitch's Pack murmur in agreement, and Chase says that she agrees with Splash, and wants to help. After all of Twitch's Pack agree to fight with the Wild Pack, Sweet, Lucky, Twitch and Splash meet together beneath a moss-covered tree to talk about the next move.
After Lucky comes back from telling Blade about Storm's challenge, he sees the two Packs acting friendly toward each other, including Snap and Splash pressing next to each other, and enjoys the moment. Later, when Arrow announces the Packs of Whine's betrayal, Whisper says something to Rake, who approaches Splash and murmurs in his ear. Splash pads up to Twitch respectfully and lowers his head, asking to speak with him. The dogs all look at Splash, and Splash explains that if the Fierce Dogs really will cut through the forest, near the Pack's camp, they may be able to break up Blade's Pack. He shifts uneasily and looks through the snow for a moment, before saying that the dogs on the mission must be very fast.
After the Wild Pack use a giantfur to attack the Fierce Dogs, she leads Lucky, Twitch, and Splash a short distance from the others, and asks help to rally the dogs.
During the Storm of Dogs, Splash lies next to Chase. There are great bite marks on his foreleg, and part of his lip is torn from his face. Even in death, it looks like he was snarling, his teeth exposed in the bleeding gums. Chase stammers that Blade killed him.
After the Storm of Dogs, Sweet thanks Twitch's Pack for their help, and apologizes about what happened to Splash. Twitch dips his head in acknowledgement, and says that they will grieve for their lost Beta. During the Great Howl, Splash is seen running through a lush forest with other deceased dogs in Lucky's vision.



"Terror goaded us and forced us to fight with any dog we met. he's gone now, and we have the chance to become a real Pack, not just a group of mad dogs. [...] To be a real Pack, we need an Alpha. We're all agreed... We think Twitch should be our Alpha."
—Splash to the Wild Pack The Endless Lake (book), page chapter 2

"Twitch of the Wild Pack, I challenge you to a fight!"
—Splash to Twitch The Endless Lake (book), page chapter 2


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