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The Empty City

Squirrel is one of the most frequent animals used as prey.[1]


Squirrels are a small brown creature with big round eyes, bucked teeth, and a fluffy, bushy tail.[1]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

As Lucky leaves the city with the Leashed dogs, he is excited that he can try proper hunting again with rabbits, squirrels, and gophers. Later, when he teaches the Leashed Pack how to hunt, he decides to give up any hopes of catching a rabbit or squirrel, as the land is very empty. After Martha catches some beetles, they move on to a belt of trees as they work, and Lucky smells squirrels and birds. Mickey slinks through the undergrowth and his first find is a squirrel that scurries up a pine trunk, although he doesn't bark at it.
When Sunshine and Daisy bring lots of soft loudcage parts for a nest, Bella looks admiringly at their new sleeping-place and notes that they had good look too, as Mickey found a squirrel, and they caught another rabbit. Lucky suggests sharing Mickey and Bella's prey, and the two divide up the rabbit and the squirrel.
When Daisy catches a mole, Lucky thinks that the Leashed Dogs' hunting skills are improving, as they had caught a few more rabbits and even a squirrel. Later, when Lucky wants to prove to the Leashed Dogs' that their collars are dangerous, he seizes Bruno's collar in his jaws and shakes him a like a huge trapped squirrel. When the Leashed Pack smells another Wild Pack and wants to go to them to ask to share food, a squirrel chirrups angrily at them, although Bella pays no attention to it.
Before Lucky leaves the Wild Pack, they bring prey, and Martha had managed to catch a squirrel. After Bella and Mickey split up the prey, the dogs happily wolf down chunks of rabbit, deer, and squirrel. After Lucky leaves the Leashed Dogs, he a squirrel darts across his path, startled by his sudden bounding appearance, and scurries in a panic for the nearest tree. Lucky happily attempts to catch it, though he is unsuccessful. Cheerfully, he barks at it and says he will hunt it down some other day before he hears a dogfight happening.

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