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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky's eyes snap open as he wakes up. He realizes the Trap House was just a dream, and that they did survive. He breathes deeply with relief in the cool night air. He sees the leafless trees of the territory from his den, and the grassy slope near the top of the cliffs, where Fiery died despite their efforts to rescue him. Sweet had decided the Pack would stay stationary for now, despite the danger in their long hunts for safer territory.
He turns to Sweet, his new mate and Alpha. She is curled up against his side, sleeping. He licks her nose gently and she snuffles but does not wake up. He rises to his paws and looks around his den - a cave made of hedges and ivy. He remembers Alpha, the traitor half-wolf, who also shared this den once.
He trots out of the den onto frosty grass, and shivers under the icy wind bounding over the Endless Lake. He makes his way through his sleeping Packmates, who all are sleeping between the shrubs. Not all of the dogs wanted a stay in the territory of the cliffs, so close to the deserted longpaw town. But Sweet said that they needed a territory to defend, and a camp to call home. No dog challenged her because of her rank.
Lucky's eyes rest on Storm as he creeps between the dogs. Her sleepy body is twitching with tension, and he wonders what she was dreaming about. After wondering what she could be dreaming of. His chest swells with pride when he remembers her loyalty and resilience after the Trial of Rage.
Suddenly, Storm springs awake. Lucky touches her nose with his, and asks how she's feeling. She flexes her forepaw and trots a circle around Lucky. He notices a scrap of her left ear will never grow back as he looks at her. He explains that he's up because of the Ice Wind and that the dogs don't have the luxury of sleeping in. The two decide to hunt, since the prey-creatures might be sleeping and the hunt will be easy.
As the Sun-Dog flexes his whiskers above the horizon, Storm and Lucky return with a large plump bird, and a goose. Lucky remembers seeing geese traveling in Packs, and wonders how they all knew where to go. He mentions that they made their kills on the rocks near the cliffs, where the birds shuffled awkwardly. Daisy was watching over the Pack as they slept, napping in the Patrol Dogs' den. The other dogs were already awake. She lifts her head the other dogs yip excitedly as the two approach. Beetle runs loops around them, Thorn at his side as she bounds up to inspect the strange bird, which Moon explains is a goose. Beetle hero-worships Lucky, asking him if he thought his Father-Dog was a Spirit-Dog.
Lucky denies it, quickly feeling embarrassed.
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A Goose and a bird.



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