The Storm of Dogs is a battle that took place in Storm of Dogs, where the Wild Pack and Twitch's Pack fought against the Fierce Dogs. Its coming had been foreshadowed multiple times prior to its actual occurrence.[1][2][3]


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The Storm of Dogs is portrayed in legend as a great battle between warring dogs over the territory of the world. The Storm of Dogs is not a cause of the Earth-Dog's and Lightning's back-and-forth struggle, Lightning evading the Earth-Dog and the Earth-Dog trying to claim Lightning. This simply occurred during the battle.


Before the Battle

Blade, the Alpha of the Fierce Dogs, had recurring visions that a young Fierce Dog would bring about the Storm of Dogs, a great battle between all dogs. She had already murdered Storm's brothers in her desperation to break the supposed prophecy. Throughout the series, particularly from The Endless Lake to Storm of Dogs, Blade and her Pack pursues the Wild Pack in search of Storm, because she was born after the Big Growl.

Bella comes up with a plan to attack the Fierce Dogs unawares to protect Storm. She also suggests having Twitch's Pack join theirs. Whine leaves the pack with intentions to leak information to Blade, but doesn't know about Twitch's Pack. When the Wild Pack goes to Twitch's Pack, Twitch eventually agrees to help protect Storm.

Meanwhile, Lucky had a vision of Alfie telling him he will play a big role in the battle. To prepare for Bella's plan, he travels to tell Blade to announce that Storm challenges her to a fight, and she agrees. Arrow, a young Fierce Dog tells the Wild Pack that Whine spilled their plan to the Fierce Dogs, and they come up with a new plan to lead a giantfur to their lair.

Sweet, Lucky, and Whisper lead the giantfur and come back to their camp with success. The Fierce Dogs arrive, but there are less due to the giantfur trap. Sweet orders her pack and Twitch's to attack, and the battle commences.

The Battle Begins

Blade orders the Fierce Dogs to kill the Wild Pack. Dagger attacks Arrow, throwing him against a tree and snapping at his neck. Lucky initially moves to help him, but suddenly sees his old Alpha attacking Snap. Mickey thrusts the half wolf off, and releases his grip. He is about to attack Mickey when Sweet appears, telling him he was never a true Alpha. The two begin to fight, and Mickey stayed close, ready to help his leader.

Dagger is still attacking Arrow, who has a torn ear to show for it. Lucky prepares himself to help again when Mace blocks his way. The two dogs fight, and Bruno comes to help, but Mace is still stronger. He pushes them towards the frozen river when Bella launches herself at Dagger and smashes his head against the tree. Arrow is able to escape. Mace tears open a scar the wolf-dog made while Lucky was trapped in the cave. After, Moon, Rake, Whisper, and Bruno pin Mace down.

Lucky hears Whisper whine, and sees him trapped between two Fierce Dogs. Lucky attacks the nearest one, while Storm kills the other one. The dog Lucky tackled flees, exclaiming that Storm was unstoppable. Whisper worships Storm for being his savior, and Storm is embarrassed. They're interrupted by a howl and the three dogs see Chase over Splash's dead body. Chase cries that Blade killed him. Blade appears herself, and Chase tries attacking her blindly, but Lucky blocks her way, thinking the small dog's grief would get her killed. Blade is about to finish off Lucky when a tumbling boulder startles her, thanks to her Growl paranoia. The other dogs cease fighting, but they soon realize it wasn't actually the Growl, but a trick. Lucky catches Sunshine on the rocks above. The battle starts again.

The Heart of the Battle

Mickey and Snap fight back to back while Bruno snaps at a Fierce Dog. Twitch is fighting vigorously, swiping at a Fierce Dog with his good paw. Lucky realizes the Fierce Dogs began to overwhelm the tired dogs.

Storm barges past Lucky toward the frozen river. Lucky asks what's wrong, when he sees two Fierce Dogs and Alpha ganging up on Martha. Storm launches herself at the half wolf and he flees. The other two Fierce Dogs run after the cowardly Omega. Martha collapses on the snow. As she grows weaker, she expresses her pride of Storm, and how she grew up to be so strong and courageous. Storm watches helplessly at Martha's words that she will watch over her pack and dies.

Before Lucky can stop her, Storm leaps onto the ice to confront Blade, howling that this was all her fault.

Storm and Blade

Blade herself meets Storm's confrontation on the ice. Storm explains that she has been longing for this moment, as she wants to avenge the deaths of the dogs Blade murdered. Blade lunges at Storm, beginning the fight. Lucky, who is watching the fight, spots his old Alpha creeping up on Storm and Blade. The wolf-dog then leaps onto the ice and pins Storm down and lunges for her throat, cheating in the now unfair duel. Lucky comes to realize his duty and he jumps onto the ice to fend off his old Alpha.

Lucky throws the half wolf off of Storm. While Alpha tries to bite Lucky's injured leg, Lucky bites him hard. He then tricks Alpha by pretending to submit to him, and he falls for it. Lucky attacks him once he drops his guard and Alpha falls onto the ice. The half wolf begs for mercy, asking Lucky not to kill him and saying he'll leave and never return. Lucky lets him go, and turns to see that Storm and Blade continued to fight. He feels Alpha bite into his shoulder, an example of his wolfish trickery and lies. Lucky spins sharply and tosses the Wolf onto the ice. The angle of his head makes his neck break on impact, instantly killing him. Lucky soon realizes that this was what Alfie meant.

While expressing frustration over Blade's cruel heartless acts, Storm slams her paws on the ice and the two dogs collapse under the ice. Storm resurfaces thanks to Arrow, and the dogs realize Blade is dead. Dagger sees this, and orders for his pack to leave. Mace collapses and dies from a wound on his neck. As they turn to leave, Whine appears suddenly, most likely from hiding, and asks if he can join. Dagger warns him threateningly that his help means nothing to them, and Whine glances at the Wild Pack. Sweet tells him he isn't welcome to the pack, and Sunshine frightens him away. The dogs then realize Storm is sinking again, but with the help of her friends, she is hauled up from the ice.

After the Battle

The dogs walk to the cliffs, and huddle beneath some low trees. Sweet thanks Twitch for his help, and says his pack is honorable and loyal. Sweet is sorry about Splash, and Twitch feels the same for Martha. He asks Sweet if his pack can join hers. Sweet agrees. She asks Arrow as well and he seems happy to join the pack. Then, the dogs smell rabbits and hunt down four of them. Sweet says that the dogs fought hard today, and that they will eat together.

Beetle and Thorn are later gossiping about Storm, saying that she is some kind of Spirit Dog. Storm hears this, and is further embarrassed. Lucky reassures her, but he has his own doubts.

Later, the dogs share the Great Howl together. Following that, Lucky has a vision of the four Spirit Dogs, Sky, Earth, Forest, and River. Except, Lucky also sees his four future pups beside them. He pictures the Spirit Dogs gamboling over a valley, towards a forest of lush, green trees. He sees a group of dogs prance after them, and recognizes Alfie, Mulch, Spring, Splash, Fiery, Fuzz, Martha, and Wiggle. From out of his vision, the pack witness a beam of light. While the dogs debate what it is, Lucky thinks to himself that whatever it is, it won't hurt them as the pack is strong. The dogs eventually go to sleep and Lucky curls up beside his mate, Sweet.

Battle Death Tally

Twitch's Pack

Wild Pack

Fierce Dogs


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