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Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

Swift-Dog is a term that describes long[2] fragile dogs with thin legs built for speed.[3] This term has been used for explicitly greyhounds thus far.[4]


These types of dogs rely more on eyesight[3] and their quick reflexes[3] than anything. Born to run with unusual long legs,[5] these dogs are particularly fragile[6] and cautious of their slender figure.[5]


These dogs were bred mostly for racing given their above normal speed.[7]

According to Swift-Dog legend,[5] however, there was The Fastest Hare. He was a trickster, one of the worst in the world, and toyed with the Spirit Dogs, always making them look like fools. This angered the Spirit Dogs, and one day, as the Wind-Dog Alpha was running through the sky, she saw The Fastest Hare keeping pace. Eventually, he smirked and winked before running faster than her. Outraged, the Wind-Dog Alpha came to the Sky-Dogs to demand his punishment.

The Sky-Dogs agreed. They and the Wind-Dog surrounded The Fastest Hare to trap him, however, he flew between their legs, taunting them and claiming none could catch him. The Wind-Dog turned to the Sky-Dog and asked for her and her children to be granted thin legs longer than The Fastest Hare.

And so the Wind-Dog caught The Fastest Hare, and as he begged for mercy, she let him go. Humbled, and from then on, the children of the hare had to run from the children of the Wind-Dog.

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