Swift-Dog Pack is a pack of swift-dogs who all perished in the Big Growl, except for Sweet and Callie.


Callie, a Beta of the pack, remembers being race-dogs for the longpaws.[1] Similarly to horses or other racing animals, the swift-dogs were urged to chase a dead hare for the amusement of longpaws.[1] She admits, however, that the swift-dogs only wanted to win the race and knew perfectly well that the hare was dead.[1]

The pack is possibly composed of mostly former race-dogs which explains why the dogs are all swift-dogs, since Callie explains that the longpaws abandoned the swift-dogs once they couldn't race anymore.[1]


Before the longpaws came, Sweet's former Packmates lived a peaceful life in a long-paw maintained wild, according to Sweet's surprise[2] once she sees the territory of the Wild Pack. The Pack was captured by longpaws during a challenge between Sweet and Beta, and were taken to the Trap House. When the Big Growl strikes, all except one of Sweet's Packmates are crushed by walls and debris and died. Sweet is one of the only two swift-dogs who made it out, the other one being the Pack's former Beta, Callie, though she later on died.[3]

According to Callie, the Swift-Dog pack was composed of or made when the swift-dogs were race-dogs for the longpaws. From there, Callie remembers choosing her name for her pack.[4]
Swift-Dog Pack
Members: Alpha (SJ), Rocket, Brook, Fleet (SJ), Omega (SJ)

Former Members: Callie, Sweet


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