What did the Fear-Dog say? What did he say?
— Terror's Pack speaks to Terror in The Broken Path, pages 124
Terror's Pack is a former Pack led by Terror who ruled fiercely and claimed to be the forepaw of the The Fear-Dog. His Pack fell into disarray after Terror's death and became a new order under Twitch's rule.


The territory of Terror's Pack is in a dim forest,[1] with bushes and mossy trunks.[1] The light is gloomy and the rain is a constant mist pattering off the remaining leaves. It's a difficult forest to track in.[1] It also contains a small glade.[1]


The origin of Terror's Pack is unknown, however, it seems that Terror kept the dogs and pack together by informing them of his ability to speak with the Spirit-Dogs and his self-proclaimed title as forepaw of the Fear-Dog.[2] It may also be because he was a bully and feared by all the dogs in his pack.
Since Terror is vulnerable while he spasms in his "communication with the Fear-Dog," his Pack stands guard around him.[3]


The Original Series

The Broken Path

Terror's Pack appears when the Wild Pack hunting patrol sets foot into their territory. The dogs are observed to be unorganized and frantic, driven only by the terror of their leader. They chase off the Wild Pack.
While Terror undergoes his spasms, his Pack eagerly awaits his arrival by standing guard and embracing him with licks when he awakes. They ask what the Fear-Dog had said.
Later on, when the two Packs are clashing and Terror is killed, the Pack falls apart and seeks new leadership.
Terror's Pack
Members: Terror, Splash, Breeze, Twitch, Woody, Ruff, Chase, Whisper, Rake


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