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I was Lucky. I still am. I'm with a Pack who like and respect me as an equal member. I'm helping another young dog discover her fate and the way the world works. I'm teaching her how to be part of a Pack: a noble, valuable, loved dog.
Lucky's thoughts on Lick in The Broken Path, page 307
The Broken Path


The Original Series

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Gillian Philip[2]

Date Released

Hardcover: February 11th, 2014[3]
Paperback: February 10th, 2015[4]
eBook: February 11th, 2014[5]


Hardcover: ISBN 0062102680[3]
Paperback: ISBN 0062102702[4]
eBook: ASIN B00DB2YPDM[5]

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Darkness Falls

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The Endless Lake (book)

Additional Information

The Broken Path

The Broken Path is the fourth book in the Original arc. Twitch is the dog on the front of the cover.[6] Martha is the dog behind and to the left of Twitch, and Fiery and Lucky are the dogs farther behind them.[7]


Special thanks to Gillian Philip
For Rachel Mansfield and Lucy Philip

The Blurb

When a divided Pack faces a treacherous threat, some dogs will rise—and others will fall.

Lucky and Alpha have finally reached an uneasy peace, but tensions are still high—and Alpha has made it clear that there are some dogs he will never fully accept.
As the newly united Pack sets off in search of a home far away from the Fierce Dog camp, they discover that no territory is truly safe. When they encounter another group of dogs who survived the Big Growl, Lucky hopes that they can work together as allies—but this new Pack may be their most dangerous enemy yet.


"Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and freedom; risk and safety; and loyalty and acceptance. Viewing the unfolding adventure through Lucky’s eyes makes even the most mundane or familiar seem alive with magic. Wild and wonderful adventure for middle-graders."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Young readers will find plenty to like here, from the fast-moving plot, to the characterizations of individual dogs. A promising start for the many fans of the Warriors and Seekers adventure series."

Detailed Plot Summary

In the prologue, Yap and Squeak are seen fighting. During this game, they keep arguing on whom is the Alpha. Yap then smells something, abandons the game, and goes into his longpaw's house. Here, he discovers a longpaw pup playing with matches that appears to look like blood.
He barks at the longpaw, wanting the game to stop. Yap quickly rescues the other longpaws. After this event, his mother suggests an adult name for him: Lucky. Yap continues to think about this name, and begins to like it.
In modern times, Lucky is seen running through the forest hunting for a snowshoe rabbit with Lick and Fiery. Lick says that she is tired with her name, and she would appreciate it if she was given a new one, as it was Nose and Squirm's naming ceremony that day.
Fiery emerges, telling the two dogs the story on his Pup Pack name: Snail. The other two dogs laugh about it. Lucky encounters Bella and orders Lick to go back to camp. The two argue and Lick appears, apologizing for eavesdropping, she takes her leave. Bella and Lucky start returning to the camp when a badger attacks. It attacks Bella, but Lucky is quick to help her. Though, everything in the area flees as the bad rain starts to fall.
The pack seeks shelter in an abandoned longpaw home. There, they discover that the longpaw's fridge is packed with food. The pack stays there and eats their own fill for a few days until Alpha says he will not have his pack eating longpaw food.
More Coming Soon


  • Despite being on the patrol with Fiery and the other hunters, Snap questions about Terror's Pack.[8]
  • Pack Members is spelled as "Packmembers".[8]
  • Sire-Dog is once again mistakenly called Father-Dog.[9][10]
  • This is the first time any dog has challenged an Alpha in the original series.

Publication History

  • The Broken Path (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover) 11 February 2014[11]
  • The Broken Path (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book) 11 February 2014[12]
  • The Broken Path (EN), HarperCollins (paperback) 10 February 2015[13]
  • Die finstere Gefährtin (DE), Beltz (hardcover), February 3 2015[14]
  • 歧路途穷 (CN), 中国少年儿童出版社 (paperback), 1 August 2015[15]
  • Vaikea taival (FI), Jalava (hardcover), 20 August 2015[16]
  • Croisee de Chemins (FR), Pocket Jeunesse (paperback), 18 August 2016[17]
  • 嵐の予感 (JP), KomineShoten (unkown binding), late May 2016[18]
  • Geen weg terug (NL), Manteau (paperback), 2016[19]

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