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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky is running through the forest with Fiery and Lick tailing. Lucky feels like he can run forever. He recalls his Lone Dog days and how he took pride back then. He also thinks of his days as Omega and how it taught him loyalty and humility but he swore he would never be the lowest rank again.

Fiery warns Lucky to be on the lookout for Blade since Alpha was worried about her and the Fierce Dogs. Lucky agrees, still surprised Alpha cared about him so much as to send another dog along for protection. Lucky knew he had come to a uneasy peace with Alpha but he would never completely trust him.

Fiery and Lucky stopped near the rabbit warren. Lick came yapping happily, amusing Lucky that she kept up with him and Fiery. He felt some angry that several dogs didn't trust her yet because of her Fierce Dog bloodlines.

Lucky told Lick to be on the lookout for a white rabbit since Nose and Squirm were going to have their Naming ceremony. Lick became resentful that she wasn't having a naming ceremony. Lucky tried to comfort her telling her about how he never had a Naming ceremony since he was a Lone Dog.

Fiery wonders if Lick wants to hear about his Naming ceremony. Lucky and Lick agree. Fiery said his pup name was Snail since he loved snails as a pup. He said he thought he was fast when he was a pup and that he was like the Sky-Dog Lightening, thus choosing the name Fiery.
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