Below contains in-depth information for the Prologue of The Broken Path.

Chapter Number: Prologue

Chapter Summary

Lucky's Point of View
Squeak and Yap are both play-fighting as different roles: Alpha and Omega. The two grapple with each other for a while before Squeak tricks Yap, teasing him and darting away.

Instead of pursuing Squeak, Yap scents an unpleasant, burning odor and investigates it without alarming his mother-dog, believing he was a big pup. He enters the door to the longpaw house, the eye-watering scent strong in the kitchen. The longpaw pup is on top of a box over the oven, or "that shiny metal tower the longpaws used to singe their food."

Initially, he believes she's playing with a new toy and wishes to join in. However, he notices that the stick had a red tip and smells acrid -- supposedly dynamite or some other firecracker. He alerts the longpaws at the sound of hissing.

The longpaw pup drops the stick and the older longpaws come to scold their daughter. Yap is praised by the longpaws and told he was "so lucky. Lucky..."

Back on the ground, Yap is praised by his mother-dog for alerting the longpaws. The newly named Lucky is proud of his name, but disappointed he did not choose his own name like the Wild Pack. His mother-dog corrected him, stating that Wild Dogs did that.

His mother-dog recalls how Lightning was saved from the Sky-Dogs and the Forest-Dog was said to be lucky. She assures him that it will keep him out of trouble as a gift from the Forest-Dog. Yap is overcome with pride at his mother-dog's words. As he settles down to sleep in the shed with his litter-mates, he hopes he will always be Lucky.





Longpaw Pup
Lucky's Longpaws
Lucky's Mother



Important Events






Yap is given his adult-dog name: Lucky.

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