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Lucky's Point of View
As Lucky ventured into the wild he remembered how much he loved the open spaces. Lucky smells water and runs toward it. Then he stops realizing that the water smells foul. Lucky warns the others but Alfie ignores him running past. Lucky grabs him by his scruff from the river.

Martha asks Alfie if he didn't smell the bad water. Alfie said that all water is clean, it was at his Longpaws. Lucky shows the Leashed Dogs the river proving that it is bad. The river is green and stagnant and it smells thick and gross.

Martha and Lucky decide that it is not a river but a crack in the earth that filled up with the bad water. Bella said they should get away from there and then scolded Alfie for being so careless.

Bruno spots Longpaws and the Leashed Dogs become excited. Lucky is wary of the Longpaw but the others aren't Then Lucky realizes that it is a yellow Longpaw with a black face. He tries to stop the dogs from going to it but that doesn't work for Daisy. Daisy runs to the Longpaw from across the field. The other Leashed Dogs are chasing her trying to make her stop.

Daisy makes it to the Longpaws first and runs around their boots. The Longpaws ignored her first but then became agitated when she pulled playfully on their pants. The Longpaw shook her off and walked away. Daisy tried to follow but the Leashed Dogs formed a circle around her blocking her way.

Most of the Leashed Dogs are shocked that a Longpaw would hurt a dog. Mickey tells Lucky he doesn't understand these Longpaws. He doesn't get why they came back but the other Longpaws didn't. Lucky agrees.








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