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Below contains in-depth information on Chapter 14 of The Empty City.

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Chapter Summary

Lucky's Point of View
Lucky has a nightmare about the Storm of Dogs. He wakes up very scared. He and the Leashed Dogs had settled down fir the night in a dip in the earth. Lucky begins to wonder why the other dogs didn't have nightmares. He is ashamed that he does.

Lucky decides to look after the Leashed Dogs since no one else would. He also knows that his dreams are a message about something. He thinks it is about the Storm of Dogs.

Lucky wakes up the dogs to get them ready to start hunting. He brings them out into the forest and begins to tell them about how to be stealthy. The dogs were horrible at being stealthy so Lucky decided to start with bugs. Sunshine was horrified that they would have to eat bugs and beetles.

Martha caught some beetles first. She ate them and said they weren't that bad. This encouraged the other Leashed Dogs who all bounded off to find more bugs. Soon the dogs got used to the taste of bugs.

Mickey came up with the idea that Bruno and Alfie go on one side of the trees and he and Lucky scare the prey right to them. The dogs tried it. While they were trying to scare the prey Mickey and Daisy found a rabbit and chased after it. Soon the rest of the dogs were chasing after the rabbit too.

Daisy grabbed the rabbit and Martha held it down while Bruno killed it with a bite to the neck. Lucky became excited again that the pack was gaining knowledge and they would have a chance to survive in the wild.








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