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Lucky's Point of View
Daisy wakes Lucky up to show him the mole she caught. Lucky is quite impressed, since he has only ever caught two moles. Daisy is extremely proud of her catch and the pack admires it.

Bella praises Daisy for her catch, knowing that it is important to boost Daisy's confidence. Lucky is glad that Bella has such a good leading instinct. The pack has been gaining more knowledge recently and this makes Lucky satisfied with them. Though Lucky wonders if the bad thing from his nightmares will come. He knows the pack must be very prepared.

Daisy divides the mole and gives Lucky the biggest piece, telling him that he deserves it for teaching her to hunt. Bella agrees and tells Daisy she will soon catch a rabbit.

The dogs hear barking and Martha recognizes it to be Sunshine. Sunshine bursts through the trees and tells everyone that Mickey is trapped. Bella asks what she means and calms her down. Sunshine says that he is choking and they must come quick.

Sunshine leads the dogs to Mickey who is stuck in the branches by his collar. Lucky is trying to help while the pack is barking useless advice at him. Lucky calls Bella and tells her to grab his collar. She does and Lucky commands Mickey to go backward. Mickey pulls himself backwards and then gets free of his collar. Mickey is free, rejoicing the worried dogs.

Lucky is shocked when Bruno and Bella help Mickey squeeze it back on. Lucky demands to know what they are doing and tells them that Mickey almost died because of wearing it. Lucky demands them to all get rid of their collars since they are a hazard, especially in fights.

Bruno objects that he can still win a fight. All the Leashed Dogs agreed. Lucky decides to prove his point by fighting Bruno himself. Lucky grabs Bruno's collar and takes control of him by flinging him around. The dogs were scared and yelping as Bruno tries to gain leverage but is helpless to Lucky's grip.

Lucky stops and releases him. He and Bruno glare at each other until Lucky asks the others if they understood what he meant now. Daisy tells Lucky that she could not take her collar off because it meant that she is owned and loved. Lucky tells her that she did not have a longpaw anymore. Mickey agrees with Daisy and Sunshine and Martha help put on Mickey's collar.

As Lucky looks away, Bella starts to explain how important their collars are to them. Lucky walks away and hears Alfie barking in the distance wondering where his pack is. Lucky and Bella go back to the camp and the rest follow.

Alfie is delighted when he finds the pack. He tells them how he investigated a place far away. Lucky tells him that could be dangerous, but curious about what he found. Alfie says that he found many dogs and could hear them barking. The pack is excited but Lucky is worried about these new, strange dogs.








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