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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky is camping out underneath the stairs of the elevated dog house. He rolled himself in a Fierce Dog's mess to mask his scent. He waited for several hours, planning his rescue. However, he couldn't to think of a plan. From eavesdropping, he could tell from the Fierce Dogs rattling bowls of nuggets for their prisoners that Bella and the others were kept in a small room.

He prayed to the Forest-Dog for cunning and stealth. The Fierce Dogs, to his observation, were disciplined and orderly in their movements. All the sudden, he shrinks back from his hiding place when three dogs appear, talking about the fate of their prisoners. Dagger suggests killing them, to which an unnamed second dog agrees. The other dog then says they could possibly scare them to let them run off and tell any other dogs to stay away.

Blade declines both suggestions, clearly being the Alpha. She says she must find out how they got in, clearly not believing their "jumping the fence" excuse. Smug now, Blade continues to speak about how easy it should be to convince the little mangy dog, supposedly Daisy, to confess on how they got in and where the fourth dog is.

Lucky is fearful, unaware they could smell him all along and know that he is here. He pulls himself together, willing the Forest-Dog to aid him with what he was about to do -- trick the Fierce Dogs with his words. Lucky runs across into the open space, where no Fierce Dog has spotted him yet. He howls and make a ruckus, insulting the dogs.

Blade is infuriated, and the dogs all begin to pursue him. He hopes Bella is smart enough to realize the diversion is meant for them to escape. Lucky runs from the dogs, fear willing him to run fast and avoid them. He is then cornered into a fence after bouncing into a wire he didn't see in the dark. He realizes he is about to be torn limb-by-limb.








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