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Lucky's Point of View
Blade is interrupted when one of her subordinates informs her that the prisoners had escaped. She is furious, demanding Lucky to tell her where they are. Dagger and she threaten Lucky, toying with threats such as killing his friends and sparing his life although maiming him brutally.

Lucky ignores her, staring ahead as if to accept his fate. He knows that Blade would kill him no matter what. In his state of defeat, the caw of a crow snaps him into focus. With a lifting heart, He identifies it as the no-sun crow. Said crow had been following him, urging him on since the city. With renewed spirits, he tells himself he's a City Dog-- a Lone Dog, and he should start acting like one.

He dives under Blade suddenly, snapping at her underbelly in a distraction, buying time in her confusion. The Fierce Dogs pursue him, even more enraged. He runs a circle around the compound along the wall, searching for the hole for his escape. Distraught, he thinks he missed the hole in the darkness, only to find it at the last second and squirm his way through.

Lucky escapes, the Fierce Dogs crashing into the fence. He then comes up a slope to reunite with his packmates, who he thought abandoned him for a split second. Bella, Daisy and Alfie are rejoiced to see him alive. As the dogs begin to leave, Lucky is absolutely sure that a dog like Blade would vengeful now and it wouldn't be the last they'd seen her.








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