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Lucky's Point of View
After Lucky leaves Old Hunter's meat stash, he is very tired. He finds a bed and is about to go to sleep when he smells a threat. He is worried something will steal his meat and turns out to be right, since four foxes come out from behind some boxes. They threaten to steal his meat, and Lucky knows that he can't fight them but he can't run either since he is a dog and they are foxes. It would be a loss of dignity for Lucky to run and drop the meat.
The foxes taunt Lucky that he has no friends to protect him. Without warning Lucky, runs the Alpha fox over and runs away with the meat. He is being chased through the mall with his meat. When he leaps over a box the meat slips from his mouth, and Lucky runs back, picks up the meat, and hides.
The foxes search for him and sniff around his hiding place. They think that they hear a dog somewhere else and Lucky bolts. The foxes chase after him again, and Lucky jumps on top of the counter to gain ground on the foxes.
The foxes tell Lucky that he can't stay up there forever, and Lucky realizes that he can't. He begins to wonder if it is worth it for some meat, but then remembers that he wouldn't be a dog if he submitted to foxes.
Suddenly, a Pack of six dogs came out. Lucky thinks that they are an odd Pack, and one of the dogs reminded Lucky of himself. The Pack is pathetic and Lucky is worried that they won't be able to defeat the foxes.
A golden dog, a Fight Dog, and a Farm Dog attack the foxes, and soon the other dogs joined in. The fight is vicious and eventually the foxes retreat, snarling their last words.
Lucky thanks the dogs for saving him from the foxes. The golden dog jumped on the counter next to Lucky and sniff him. She called him Yap and says he is her brother.





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