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Endless Lake

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Endless Lake

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Book Appearances

The Empty City, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

The Endless Lake is an ocean in dog terms, having flooded the mainland as well as hold investigating floatcages.[1]


The Endless Lake is a wide area of water,[1] with a salt-like taste.[1] Waves lap at the shore,[1] and it is known to be deadly to dogs.[1] As of A Pack Divided, floatcages have been seen driven in the Endless Lake.[1]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

As the Leashed Dogs leave the city and come across a hilltop allowing them to see the distance they've covered, they see the remains of the city, and the ocean beside it.

The Endless Lake

When the dogs find the lake, they call it "The Endless Lake", and they try to get away from it, and go into a beach house.
When the Fierce Dogs find the Wild Pack, Alpha is attacked by one of the Fierce Dogs. He keeps stepping back, and eventually trips. He tries to hold on to the road, but it is slippery, and he falls in.
Moon's pups fall in and Martha saves them, but Spring was also caught and Martha was too late.
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Storm of Dogs

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In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Moon is punished for supposedly eating and stealing prey from the prey pile, she is sent to keep watch on High Watch, a cliff-edge that gave her a view of the Endless Lake, and floatcages that were appearing along the coast.

Dead of Night

Storm investigates Whisper's murder, approaching Moon on High Watch to ask her whether she saw anything that night of his death. From her view, she can see the Endless Lake and the Wild Pack camp.
Later, when Moon is relieved of her punishment, Storm is elected as the first dog to take watch on High Watch by Lucky. She paces there the entire night, cliff-side by the Endless Lake.


  • In The Empty City, the Endless Lake is called an ocean. However, throughout the series, dogs call the Endless Lake an ocean.[2]

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