I'm the Fastest Hare and there's nothing you can do. My legs are the longest legs of all the animals and I'm thin and narrow and I cut through the air. No one can catch me!
— The Fastest Hare taunting the Sky-Dogs and Wind-Dogs, in Sweet's Journey, page 41

The Fastest Hare is the father of the hares, found in Sweet's legend of the Wind-Dogs. He is a trickster who prides himself on having the longest legs of all the animals.[1] According to the tale, he enrages the Wind-Dogs and Sky-Dogs, causing the birth of the Swift-Dogs to curb his people's abuse of speed.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

Sweet mentions The Fastest Hare when she tells the tale of the Swift-Dogs' origins to the Wild Pack. After enraging the Wind-Dog Alpha by outracing her, the Sky-Dogs seek punishment for his trickery. Being the fastest animal, he outruns all the Sky-Dogs. To catch him, the Wind-Dog Alpha asks for the power of speed even greater than the Hare to be given to her.
She catches The Fastest Hare, and in exchange for sparing his life, his people shall always run from her children: the Swift-Dogs.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Sweet tells her Pack the story of the Wind-Dogs, she mentions that they sometimes hunt the Fastest Hare, and mischievous creature who once tried to trick them, and whose family must now run from the swift-dogs forever.


  • According to Callie, the Swift-Dogs had to chase dead hares in their races. This might be referred to the legend, where the Swift-Dogs had to chase The Fastest Hare's children.[2]

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