It's a Food House. A place where longpaws give food to other longpaws!
Lucky to Sweet on the Food House in The Empty City, page 28
The Food House

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The Empty City

The Food-House is the dog term for a restaurant.[1]


According to Lucky, the Food House is a place run by longpaws to serve food towards other longpaws.[2] It has clear glass panes, and tubes that emit enticing scents like chicken into the air.[3] On days prior to the Big Growl, longpaws were commonly found walking by the Food House.[4] Particularly, this makes it easy for lone dogs such as Old Hunter and Lucky to beg for scraps by keeping a hopeful face, sitting back on the haunches, tilting the head, and letting the tongue loll.[2] Inside the Food House from the back door is the fridge where the food is kept in big steel boxes.[5]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky and Sweet flee the Trap House, they are roaming the City for food. The lone dog, Lucky, comes up with a supposedly easy idea towards getting a meal. The two dogs come to the Food House, where Lucky explains to Sweet what it is and how they'll get the food. He shows Sweet a technique, a certain pose, to hold while begging to win over the longpaw's affections and convince them to retrieve scraps.
Lucky tells Sweet that Old Hunter taught him this trick-- to which Sweet inquires further about the Lucky's old companion. He avoids the question and tells her to keep still. After a while of waiting, Lucky's wagging tail slows and Sweet begins to question how much longer she was to keep the undignified position.
The two dogs break open the already splitting door by its hinges and enter the Food House themselves. They investigate the absence of longpaws and where to find the food. The two find a dying longpaw, who which Lucky had known personally as the one who gave him scraps. After the longpaw exchanges its last dying words and expires, Sweet freaks and the two dogs shortly leave after.
The two dogs part ways after coming to a disagreement on how to go further with the effects of the Big Growl. Lucky lingers in the Food House, avoiding the dead longpaw yet feeding off of small scraps, grease, and crumbs he could find. After investigating the fridge room and finding no way to open the steel boxes, he gives up and leaves the Food House, without Sweet.

The Broken Path

When the Wild Pack arrived at the deserted longpaw town, they seek shelter at a Food House. Mickey opens the big steel boxes, revealing lots of frozen food. The Wild Pack feast on it all. However, Alpha says that the following day, the hunters would go in the forest and get the pack real food.

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