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"He doesn't make food, but he watches over the trees and animals. He protects us, you see. He keeps dogs safe, and if he is pleased he offers us delicious morsels like vole and rabbit. So it's important to remember the Forest-Dog and to be grateful to him. If you're hungry, you might say: 'Please deliver me some food, wise Forest-Dog.' And once you've caught and eaten a vole, you would say 'Thank you, Forest-Dog.'"
Lucky on The Forest-Dog in Darkness Falls, page 153

The Forest-Dog
Known as
The Forest-Dog[1]
Wild Pack[1]
Book Appearances
The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided
The Forest-Dog is one of the Spirit-Dogs and the entity most dogs know as the forest. He is the Spirit-Dog that Lucky seems to ask for help even more than the other Spirit-Dogs, as well as one of the dogs Lucky heard about when he was a pup.


In the Original Series

The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

When Yap is slightly disappointed that his adult name will be Lucky, Mother-Dog tells him that it is a good name, as the Forest-Dog has always been said to be lucky. She says that he should look at his name as a gift from the Forest-Dog. At hearing this, Yap feels proud, and decides that if it is from the Forest-Dog, it must be a good name.

The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

When Fang leads Lucky into a trap where he is ambushed by the Fierce Dogs, and they lead him into their underground lair through a tunnel, Lucky feels very nervous. He tries to bring up an image of the Forest-Dog to call him for help, but is unsuccessful in thinking of trees down in the musty air. Later, while he remains a prison in the Fierce Dog layer, he longs for trees in the summer and remembers his favorite dog, who had guided him to safety many times. Lucky begs the Forest-Dog not to leave him alone to despair in the terrible cold, and promises to be the bravest, humblest, and most loyal dog in the world if the Forest-Dog helps him escape and allows Lucky to see his forests again. When Lucky sees Bella and Sweet, who have come to save him, he feels glad that even among the rocks where nothing grew, the Forest-Dog had heard him. As he and his saviors try to escape the layer, Lucky finds a pool of rain in front of him and laps at it, silently thanking the Forest-Dog. He thinks that although the Spirit-Dog may be far away, he has not deserted him.
When the Endless Lake floods and Lucky spots a path through the rocks that seem to wing upward, he silently thanks the Forest-Dog.
After Twitch and his Pack agree to help fight the Fierce Dogs with the Wild Pack, Lucky watches the sun set and wonders if the Sun-Dog sleeps in the land beyond the horizon, and if the Forest-Dog and River-Dog ever visited him. When Lucky wanders around in the city after the sun has set, he looks around at the park, and fixes his gaze on a tree, wondering if, even after the Growl, the Forest-Dog might be near. Lucky is slightly comforted by this thought, and has an impulse to find shelter, thinking that the Forest-Dog will care for him and protect him from the cold.
When the Wild Pack uses a Giantfur to attack the Fierce Dogs, as Lucky follows the plan with Sweet and Whisper, he thinks of the pups from his dream and feels warmth in his chest despite the cold outside. He silently thanks the Forest-Dog for having always protected him, and asks him for help which he needs then more than ever.
During the Storm of Dogs, when Blade is about to fight Lucky, he thinks of the Forest-Dog for a moment, and thinks that the Spirit Dog has always protected him, begging for a miracle where the Forest-Dog will save him one last time. After he thinks this, a boulder thumps from the rock face and the dogs fret that it is the Growl. However, Lucky feels no vibrations, and wonders if the Forest-Dog heard his words, though when he looks through the snow pat the rocky outcrop, he sees Sunshine, not the Forest-Dog
After the Storm of Dogs, during the Howl, Lucky sees four spirit dogs; Sky, Forest, River, and Earth; with his pups.

In The Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

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  • The Crow is hinted to be a messenger of the Forest-Dog.[2]
  • The Forest-Dog is Lucky's favorite Spirit-Dog.[3]


"O wise Spirit Dog, you have always protected me. I need you now more than ever."
-Lucky thinking about the Forest-Dog


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