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The Empty City

The Mall is an abandoned building when the Big Growl had struck.


The Mall had once been made of huge sheets of clear-stone.[1] Before the Growl, Longpaws would go in and out of the building all the time, sometimes carrying food. There were Food Houses in the mall, with longpaws who all wore the same blue fur.[2] There are "fake longpaws" in there that had no smell, no warmth, and no movement. These fake longpaws are unblinking and knocked sideways. After the Big Growl, had been stripped of their fur.[1]

After the Big Growl, the mall's clear-stone has shattered.[3]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky is busy running from the foxes, he runs into the mall. To try and escape, he uses his cunning skills to hide. But the foxes detect him, and Lucky is nearly attacked.
Before the lone dog is attacked, a group of leashed dogs come to his aid. They attack them and drive the foxes away, making Lucky thankful. He leaves the meat he was given on the counter as he speaks to them, realizing that one of them is his sister.
Since Lucky is in their debt, he suggests they share the meat, and so they do so.


  • The fake longpaws in the Mall, although unconfirmed, could likely be mannequins.[4]

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