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The Sky-Dogs sent out Lightning to tease Earth-Dog. But the Sun-Dog growled his displeasure-- they were rolls of thunder -- and sent the Sky-Dogs and Lightning packing.
Lucky on the Sky-Dogs in The Empty City, page 192

The Sky-Dogs, according to legend, is portrayed as a group of greyhound/deerhound-like[1] spirit-dogs[2] that reside in the sky's domain. Like most other Spirit Dogs, the Sky-Dogs are in many stories and are equivalent to gods to the dogs. They are first mentioned in The Empty City when Lucky and Bella listen to their Mother-Dog`s stories.


Sky-Dogs are mentioned to appear like old style hunting dogs, akin to greyhounds or fast deerhounds,[3] and are a similar breed to Lightning.[4] Sky-Dogs are said to be warring each time there is a thunderstorm. That is called a Sky-Dog fight.[5]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

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