Then came the first great battle. The terrible Storm of Dogs, when all dogs of the world fought to see who would rule over the territories of the world. Many stories are told of those dreadful days, and many heroes were made and lost in the battle.
Lucky's Mother speaking of the tale in The Empty City, page 6

The Storm of Dogs was an mythological event. To see the actual event that occurred in the books, see here


The Storm of Dogs is a legend that details the massive battle between all dogs of the world. This battle is said to be a war between all dogs to claim their rule of the world's territories. It is involved in multiple stories at once:

The Story of Omega Wind and the Forest-Dog:[1]

Wind the Omega is bullied constantly and longs to be free of her abusive Pack. During the Storm of Dogs, her Pack is attacked by giant dogs coming down from the mountains. Wind is chased into the forest by one of the dogs, sure to be torn by the dogs.
Her life, however, is spared by the Forest-Dog for her cunning and tributes to the Spirit-Dog. Wind becomes a Lone Dog, never obeying an Alpha's orders again. When a dog is in the deep forest, the legend says they might hear the deep howls of Wind howling in the trees with her friend, the Forest-Dog.

Lightning and the Earth-Dog:[2]

The story begins with Lightning, a dog, who had incredible speed. Due to the Earth-Dog's duty to take dog bodies when it is their time to come, she believed it was Lightning's time to die. However he evaded the Earth-Dog thanks to his extraordinary speed and cunning.
After more fruitless efforts to claim Lightning's body, the first great battle began, when all the dogs of the world fought over their rule of world's territories. This horrible battle took many lives of great heroes. In the midst of the chaos, the Earth-Dog figured that Lightning's life force could finally be claimed. She set a trap for Lightning. As Lightning ran in the battle, he avoided teeth and claws of the battle, for he was too fast. He was almost free of the battle when the Earth-Dog sent a Big Growl to swallow him up in his path. He began to fall into the trap, going too fast to stop. All the sudden, he was saved as a great wind sent from the Sky-Dogs, who favored him, blew him up toward the sky. To this day, Lightning runs with the Sky-Dogs and still taunts the Earth-Dog by flashing to the ground.

The Original Series

Later in the series, the Storm of Dogs is foreshadowed with a young Fierce Dog, Storm, who is at the heart of the war. See the Storm of Dogs (event) for more information.

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