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The Wild is the setting of the second, third, and fourth books of the Original arc.



The Leashed Dogs and Wild Pack first met here, which results in Alfie's death. After the ground opened, Lucky needed to guide Sweet up the paw holds in the stone walls.

Fierce Dog Garden

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Forest Ridge

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Giantfur Forest

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Hunting Plain

A plain where a warren of rabbits live.


Alpha used to visit this place alone and howl to the full moon.

Leashed Pack Camp Caves

A longpaw-made tunnel where the Leashed Dogs took shelter when Lucky spied on the Wild Pack. They have abandoned it with join up with the Wild Pack.

Longpaw Camp

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Longpaw Loudcages

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Longpaw Town

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Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore is a group of rough rocks on the shore of the lake.

Trees with Black Snow

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Terror's Forest/Twitch's Forest

A place where a dog named Terror used to reign. After Terror's death, Twitch becomes the new Alpha and leads his Pack in peace.

Wild Pack Camp

This used to be the Wild Pack's home. It is long abandoned when the black cloud arrived, and the dogs needed to leave.