"It is time for them to undertake the Trial of Rage, the test that all Fierce Dogs must pass when they reach adulthood."
Blade to Storm and Fang in The Endless Lake, page 269-270

The Trial of Rage is a rite of passage in the Fierce Dog pack when a pup reaches adulthood and must pass the test with their inner Fierce Dog bloodlust unleashed.


When a Fierce Dog pup has come of adult age, they must go through a trial known as the Trial of Rage in order to be admitted as true adult Fierce Dogs of the pack. The pup must be goaded into their inner Fierce-Dog fury, an impulse that blinds them into bloodlust. This ceremony is what characterizes the Fierce Dogs. The Trial can be entertainment for the watching Fierce Dog adults. Rage usually builds within the Fierce Dogs while they are fighting, befitting the name "Trial of Rage." The victor of the ceremony is accepted into the Pack as a full grown Fierce Dog once they prove their worth.


In the Original Series

The Endless Lake

Storm took on Blade's challenge to undergo the Trial of Rage against her littermate, Fang. If she lost, she would be giving in to her Fierce Dog heritage and join Blade's pack. If she won, however, she would be free to go with her pack, the Wild Pack. Storm tricked Blade by sparing Fang and fleeing with her pack.


  • It's unsure if Alpha took the Trial of Rage. However, since he was not a pup nor a Fierce Dog, it is unlikely he did.

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