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A Pack Divided

A Tusknose is the dog term for a wild boar.[1][2]


According to Survivors, a tusknose is described as big,[2] smaller yet stockier than a deer,[2] with a hide covered in sparse prickly hair, a barely noticeable stubby tail,[3] enormous head, tiny ears, and two curving fangs curling from its lower jaw.[2]
Real life boars range from the common black to various patterns and colors. They have a longer head, snout and smaller ears from the domestic pig. They are long-legged with high, broad shoulders that taper to narrow hind quarters. Coarse bristles their back, head to tail. American wild boar are muscled and lean animals, high and wide at the shoulder tapering to the hip, and their narrow heads that lead to an equally thin, long snout. They can average 150 to 250 pounds.[4]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

The carcass of a half-eaten tusknose is found by Storm and her hunting patrol (Whisper, Woody, Mickey). Woody identifies it. Although the pig's body reeks of a bear, the dogs decide to steal the carcass while the bear was nowhere to be seen.
Their plan is foiled, however, when the she-bear returns with her two cubs and chases them off.


  • The bristles on their back that stand erect when they are agitated earns them the nickname Razorback.[5]


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