"I'm sorry, Sweet. I want to help you, but I am the Alpha of this Pack. It isn't a position I'd ever anticipated, and it isn't one I chose for myself. But as their Alpha, I won't bring my Pack into danger lightly. They suffered a lot under Terror. Since his death, we've had a peaceful time where the dogs have been able to recover. Some are still nervous, damaged by Terror's brutality. It wouldn't be right to ask them to fight - and it isn't our fight to have."
— Twitch to Sweet about merging Packs in Storm of Dogs, page 173
Wild Pack[1]
Lone Dog,[2] Twitch's Pack,[3] Terror's Pack[4]
Spaniel mix[5]
Names Patrol Dog: Twitch[6]

Member: Twitch[7]
Lone Dog: Twitch[2]
Alpha: Alpha[3]
Third Dog: Twitch[8]

Family Sister: Spring
Rank Positions
Rank Third Dog[8]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey
Dead N/A

Twitch is a male[9] Spaniel mix[10] tan chase-dog with black patches,[11] floppy,[12] long ears,[13] a missing leg,[14] and a brown-and-white head.[15]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Twitch appears with his new Pack members, Moon, Snap, Mulch, and Omega, along with the rest of the Wild Pack. Twitch shows Mulch how he pounces in a hunt, despite his bad leg.

Sweet's Journey

Twitch, his litter-sister Spring, Dart, and Fiery bark about the deer that Sweet and Fiery caught. When Moon is about to have her pups, Twitch urges Sweet to retrieve Fiery since she is the fastest. He points out his lame paw and that it was useless to send him to bring Fiery.
Later, Twitch, Spring, and Dart catch a deer. His sister Spring praises him for helping and for his job well-done despite his lame paw. Twitch and the rest of the Wild Pack are satisfied with the catch.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Twitch, Spring, and Dart patrol the Wild Pack territory, finding Lucky. They begin to harass and torment him when they are interrupted by Sweet. She informs the Patrol Dogs that she is going to take Lucky to Alpha. Twitch, Spring, and Dart grudgingly nod in agreement.
Alpha orders Twitch and Dart to patrol with Lucky and introduce him to the way of Pack Life. Twitch tells Lucky to keep pace while they are patrolling. Twitch tells him that respect is important in the Pack and he better remember. Twitch then praises Lucky at his patrolling. Speaking about the Leashed Pack, Twitch and Dart laugh about the memory of the Leashed Dogs who tried moving into their territory. While Lucky stops for a drink of the river water, Twitch scolds him and barks that they are not allowed to eat or drink during patrols or hunts. He states that it was Alpha who enforced the rule, saying that it would distract them. He stops Lucky from continuing to drink and they continue to patrol. Twitch and Dart mention a dog who once ate a rabbit on patrol, but they do not speak of the dog's name since they were no longer in the Pack. Twitch points out to Lucky that he should look around a hillock, adding that three dogs could hide behind it. He then praises Lucky for his good work.
Twitch and Dart mention that Moon usually led their patrol, but she was off duty nursing her and Fiery's pups. Together, they explain more Pack rules and jobs to Lucky. Returning to the camp, they wait for the Hunters to return. Spring trots over to Twitch and tells him how the hunt went. Alpha walks up to the food, Lucky gets up to get a gopher, but Dart nips him and whispers that he has to wait, Lucky backs up and lays next to Dart and Twitch and the three dogs talk. He answers Lucky, who asks if they are litter-mates, that they were. Again, Twitch explains to Lucky about how moving up and down in the Pack ranks work.
Following Alpha, Twitch eats his fill when his turns comes around. After, Twitch and Dart sleep in the Patrol Dog den, to which Lucky follows. Twitch wakes up Lucky in the middle of the night to go and take his turn patrol, retiring to sleep in the den as Lucky leaves. Later on, Twitch, Dart, and Lucky are patrolling again. They see loudcages, and Lucky explains what loudcages are. Twitch, Dart and Lucky watch the longpaws doing something to the earth, breaking through it and making holes. Confused, Twitch, Dart, and Lucky are worried.
Then longpaws see them and approach them. Dart snarls to bite them, but Lucky urges them not to. Twitch, Dart, and Lucky snarl and growl before Alpha howls, making the longpaws flee in fear. Twitch, Dart, and Lucky celebrate and return to camp. Dart tells Alpha what they saw and says it was a thing Lucky described as a loudcage. Twitch looks at his sister in confusion when Dart describes it as a house that could run. Twitch shivers as he describes the longpaws. Twitch and Dart thank Alpha for helping them and bow, while Lucky imitates them.
Twitch and Dart repeat the story to their Packmates until Lucky challenges and wins a duel against Snap. Twitch takes his part in congratulating him. After the foxes attack, Snap howls for the Pack's loss, with Twitch joining and soon all the dogs howling together as a pack.

Darkness Falls

When the Wild Pack are getting away from the black smoke, Twitch breaks his leg and howls in pain. Twitch and his Pack reach an outcrop of rocks and Twitch decides to leave his Pack behind. Later, Twitch sees Lucky as a Lone Dog again and growls at him to stay away.
Twitch, although a Lone Dog, hunts on the Wild Pack's territory. An unknown time later, Twitch meets Terror and joins his Pack.

The Broken Path

Twitch and his new Pack meet up with the Wild Pack. Twitch has lost his leg by this time, possibly chewed off by himself.[16] Although Twitch respects his friends, he tries to warn them off before Terror comes. Twitch is too late and Terror orders his Pack to attack Twitch's former Packmates. He has no choice but to obey Terror's command.
Spring asks Lucky about how Twitch was and Lucky reassures her and tells her that Twitch was safe. Twitch comes to the Food House saying that he saw Longpaws capture Fiery and he saw where they were headed. Lucky lead Twitch, Moon, Lucky, Martha, and Bella to find Fiery, and Twitch tells them where he saw the Longpaws go. As they travel bad rain comes and the dogs take cover, Twitch said that the rain could still get them so they run and find a better spot.
In the morning, the dogs see the bad rain stops and Twitch says that they should start to walk. Twitch and his friends see Terror's Pack and they hide. Twitch, Moon, Martha, Lucky, and Bella have a quick conversation on what is happening and what they are thinking. Twitch points out that his friends of Terror's Pack are not evil and were forced to obey otherwise they would be killed. The other dogs watch and agree with him. Moon tells Twitch that he risked a lot by helping them. Twitch thanks her and says that he just realized how big of a risk it was. Twitch, Lick, Fiery, Lucky, Moon, Martha and Bella find where Fiery is, in a loudcage. They look around and Lick soon forces the door open. Lick, Moon, Martha, Lucky and Bella run in to help Fiery while Twitch stands guard.
The dogs flee from a longpaw that discovers the freeing animals. Twitch runs with Lucky, Moon, Martha, Lick, Fiery, and Bella, but has a few troubles with only three legs. Twitch, Moon, Fiery, Lucky, Lick, Martha, and Bella fight Terror although Fiery gets hurt badly. Lick then kills Terror and Fiery dies bravely. Twitch and his friends howl for Fiery. Twitch witnesses Lick's Naming Ceremony. Lick chooses the name Storm and Twitch, along with the others, congratulate her.

The Endless Lake

Twitch travels with Lucky, Moon, Storm, Martha, and Bella after the fight with Terror's Pack. He and his friends run into some of the dogs who previously attacked them and Twitch is asked to be their new Alpha. Twitch, knowing Alpha would never accept him back into the Wild Pack, agrees to stay with his new Pack. Twitch challenges Splash to a battle, who lets him win almost immediately without a struggle.
Twitch is welcomed by his new Packmates and bids farewell to his friends. Twitch, Splash, and the others work toward a new future and he hopes to see his sister again.

Storm of Dogs

The Wild Pack reunite with Twitch and his Pack, who is now Alpha of his Pack. The Wild Pack and Twitch's Pack speak to one another, while Twitch and his Pack give the Wild Pack food. Sweet thanks Twitch for his gifts, to which Twitch says it is no problem. He thanks Daisy, Lucky, Storm, and Snap for saving Whisper. Sweet apologizes to Twitch for coming with bad news about Spring, his litter-sister who drowned. Twitch nods sadly and Lucky adds some words for Spring. When Twitch asks about Alpha thinking he is dead, Sweet growls that he disappeared and they found out that he joined Blade's Pack. Twitch stares in disbelief. Sweet informs Twitch that Alpha believes he is on the winning side and explains how Blade thought that there would be an end of the world.
Twitch points out that Sweet and her Pack were going to fight Blade. Although Sweet says it would not be easy, Sweet states that they have to put an end to the madness. Sweet explains the plan about having Twitch's Pack and the Wild Pack join forces to fight Blade's Pack. At first Twitch is unsure, not wanting to put his Pack in danger and having them fight a fight that is not theirs. However he is convinced when Whisper and the others of his Pack agree to help.
Twitch, Lucky, and Sweet talk about the plan and how they were going to trick Blade. They come up with a plan to lure Blade to the rocky place to fight Storm supposedly alone. The two Packs would then ambush her, knowing she would bring her whole Pack anyway to kill Storm. They need a dog to challenge Blade for Storm to the fight. Storm offers but Twitch, Sweet, and Lucky all deny her request in unison. They explain that Blade might decide to attack her then. Lucky offers, leaving to challenge Blade.
The Packs find Arrow. Twitch, and the others, except for Storm are unsure of him. Twitch and Sweet speak for a minute and then come back. Twitch tells Arrow to tell them what he has to say, to which Arrow replies that the Fierce Dog Pack knows about their plans because Whine, the former Wild Pack Omega, betrayed their plans to Blade to join her Pack. Arrow admits he fled because he could not go along with Blade, how she hated Storm and wants to kill all Fierce Dogs born after the Big Growl. After seeing Fang, who was loyal and killed by her, he no longer wanted to be in her Pack.
Twitch asks if Arrow is alone and Arrow promises he is. Twitch then probes to know about Blade's plans. Arrow says she is going to try attacking the Pack in surprise. Sweet and Lucky agree that Blade still did not know Twitch's Pack joined, as Whine left before, so she should be surprised. Whisper murmurs to Rake, who carries his request to Splash, who then announces to Twitch and his Pack that Whisper had an idea to share. Sweet, Lucky, and Whisper lead a Giantfur, the one that attacked Whisper, to Blade's Pack to lead them astray in chaos. When Lucky returns, Twitch's Pack and the Wild Pack regroup in case they see the Fierce Dog Pack.
Sweet asks Twitch if he smelled or had seen anything. Twitch replies that he had not yet. Then the Fierce Dogs arrive and the Packs fight in the Storm of Dogs. After winning, Twitch asks Sweet if their Packs could join. Sweet and Lucky accept his request. The new Wild Pack is celebrating and all the dogs howl.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Sweet, as Alpha, promotes Twitch to Lead Patrol Dog while the Pack is eating. Twitch ignores the tension with Moon, Beetle and Thorn, for the Pack's own good. After Twitch eats he walks back to the Pack and Moon trots up to eat. Noticing the tension, Sweet tells the Pack a Spirit Dog tale about the Wind-Dogs. Moon says she never heard of them and Twitch states he may have, but it would have been long ago. Later, Moon and some of the former members of Twitch's Pack begin to quarrel. Twitch stands by unsure of what to do or how to break up the fight. Rake snarls at Moon and barks for back up to Twitch, but Twitch did not want to be involved. Daisy and Sweet break up the fight.
Thorn snarls at Twitch. Lucky demands what is going on, to which Thorn explains she is going to challenge Twitch. Storm says that it was not fair because Twitch had only three legs, and was never a fighter as much as Thorn was. Thorn states she is fighting for her Mother-Dog's rank as the Lead Patrol Dog. Twitch calms Storm, saying that he accepts Thorn's challenge.
Breeze interrupts, saying that if Thorn can fight for Moon then any dog could fight for Twitch. Storm tries to offer to fight in his place, but Woody beats her to it. Thorn and Woody begin the challenge, although Twitch soon stops them, saying the Pack did not need them fighting and he agrees Moon can be Lead Patrol Dog again. Sweet praises Twitch for his judgement, but she says that she did not want him to stay a low ranked Patrol Dog. Sweet announces that Twitch was respectful, loyal and smart. She offers him the place of a new high rank, Third Dog.
The Wild Pack bark harmoniously. As Sweet the Alpha, Lucky the Beta, and Twitch the Third Dog, the Pack seems happy with Twitch's new role. It also appeases the tense former members of Twitch's Pack.
Later, the Pack sees loudbirds. Alpha can not help her Pack because she is tired from carrying her pups. The Beta, Lucky, is not fulfilling his job, concerned only about keeping Sweet and her soon to be born pups safe. Instead, Twitch calms the pack. Later, he tells the Pack that they should calm down about the Spirit Dogs and shouldn't argue. Bella agrees, but states that they are just pup tales. Twitch disagrees, saying he did not go as far as calling them pup tales. However, the Pack manages to settle.
The Wild Pack finds the murdered fox-pup and most dogs lose their nerves. Twitch and Lucky both calm the panicked dogs. Twitch, Lucky, and Sweet discuss who the fox-pup murderer could be and talk about the stolen food. Twitch suspects Breeze, Bella and Arrow, who were all out of camp when it happened. Storm trots over and defends Arrow, Twitch agrees after a moment, saying he was only making suggestions. Twitch, Lucky, Sweet, and Storm calm down and relax.
Twitch and Lucky try to settle the Pack when some dogs begin to suspect Arrow is up to something. Lucky denies their suspicions and orders them to help hunt. Lucky then announces that they need to use a new rank, Scout Dog. He elects Daisy, Breeze, Whisper, and Dart as the new Scout Dogs. Twitch agrees with the new role. So does Alpha and the rest of the Wild Pack.
When a worried Storm tells Twitch and Lucky about her dreams, Twitch and Lucky assure her and tell her to just be careful, safe and relax. Later, Twitch and the Pack are excited that Lucky and Snap are going after the Golden Deer.

Dead of Night

The Wild Pack finds Whisper's body, and they seem to agree that the foxes had murdered him. When Lucky leads Alpha back to camp, the dogs begin to surround the Third Dog, Twitch, as they bark out their eagerness to attack the foxes.
When Storm is done discussing Whisper's murder with Lucky she returns to the clearing where he was killed, finding that the other dogs are still surrounding Twitch as they talk about their hatred of the foxes.
At about midday Twitch comes back to the clearing after the pack had been mourning. He tells them that it is time to give Whisper to the Earth-Dog. He sends Mickey, Storm, and Rake to find a suitable burying place. As Rake is telling his companions what life in Terror's Pack was like, Storm thinks that they support Twitch so fiercely because of how he had survived Terror's reign.
Twitch says some last words for Whisper after Lucky mentions the dogs who had died previously. Twitch says that although his pack had trouble adjusting to life in Alpha's Pack, Whisper had been a well-liked dog by all of them. He goes on to say that he is glad that the dead dog had had a chance to have a good life in a stable pack, and Twitch is grateful that all of his former pack have the same chance. He then proceeds to scoop up a pawful of dirt and put it in the burial hole with Whisper, murmuring that he wished him good hunting. The rest of the dogs follow his example until Whisper is buried.
Alpha goes into labor, and Twitch decides to send Thorn, Beetle, and Ruff on patrol during that time. He later talks to Storm, worried for her well-being. He tells her that he knows the whole situation can be scary, and that it is hard when the Alpha is hurting. He adds that the pups will arrive soon, and then Alpha will feel better. Storm thanks him, but inwardly thinks that he doesn't completely understand what is making her so jumpy. Then Twitch suggests that she takes some dogs out on a hunt to catch food for Alpha.
Later, Storm returns from the failed hunt and amidst the excitement about Alpha's pups remembers to report the coyote scent to Twitch.
Later, when the hunters catch deer, Twitch bites into his share of the deer. However, there is clear-stone in the deer. Twitch is in pain and is injured. Daisy and Snap help to get the clear- stone out of his mouth.

Into the Shadows

Following Twitch's injury, the dogs realize that there is a traitor among them, something that Storm had been trying to convince them to believe. However, all the dogs suspect Arrow. 
Later at night, Storm and Arrow cannot sleep. Twitch comes up to them and assures Arrow that he doesn't believe that Arrow was the traitor. Arrow thanks him. 
More Coming Soon

Red Moon Rising

Coming Soon

The Exile's Journey


  • Gillian thinks that Twitch and Spring's young days would be interesting for an ebook.[17]
  • In an earlier draft of The Broken Path, Twitch is illustrated with black mask-like markings over his eyes.[18][19]




Spring:[11] Deceased As of The Endless Lake[20]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"You seem surprised. Do you think it's so hard? That only a City Dog can manage without a Pack? Twitch was always self-reliant. He got along fine, despite his injury. Perhaps because of it."
—Alpha to Lucky about Twitch Darkness Falls, page 225

"There are all kinds of ways to change your Pack-place. If you do something stupid or wicked or rash - something that puts the Pack in danger —- you will be demoted. Do something really stupid or rebellious, and you'll be lucky if demotion is all that happens to you. But if you do well, or the serve the Pack, you will rise. That can take a long time, though. It always seems to be a lot easier to fall down than it is to climb up."
—Twitch explaining the ways of the Wild Pack to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, pages 127 - 128

"Of course. But that involves challenging on of your Packmates to a fight. That's why I'm stuck where I am. I've tried a few combats... But I never win. The only dog I could beat in a fight is Omega, and who couldn't? I'm just glad he's around to do all the dirty work."
—Twitch to Lucky about promotion A Hidden Enemy, page 128

"They should have stayed at home doing tricks for their longpaws. You may be a City Dog, Lucky, but at least you know about true dog-life, life in the wild, living by your wits and surviving. Those dogs do not deserve to survive."
—Twitch to Lucky about the Leashed Dogs A Hidden Enemy, pages 109 - 110

"Of course not. We'll just let you go and you won't harm us. You won't go straight back to Blade and tell her exactly where you are. How foolish of us to think the worst of you."
—Twitch to Arrow about spying Storm of Dogs (book), page 206

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