Hey everybody! Today we are going to be talking about the weird things happening in the Survivors series.

We all know some pretty peculiar things have been happening in the Wild Pack recently. Even the deepest research will put yopu in a corner. But I am determined to find out who is really responsible for all this. So I'm gonna start with Who killed Whisper. Well, we got a lot of theories here. Some say that Storm acually killed Whisper. Think I'm wrong? Well think again, 'Cause I got proof.

So it's pretty well know that Storm is a very... Unique character. Especially considering the fact that she sleepwalks! I mean, Thats pretty Insane, Right? Anyway, Let's get to it. So "What does Sleepwalking have to do with killing Whisper?" Well let's consider our facts and Information. Based on true information, Storm fights a dog in her dreams. And her and the rest of the pack find out about Whisper's death at about 11:00 or Noon, Meaning(If these dogs like to sleep in) that time would be their morning time. Plus, Dogs don't have alarm clocks so I doubt that they are gonna get up at 9:00 and get a Latte from Starbucks. So, Like stated in the book, Storm had one of her Darkness Dreams(Ha Ha pretty catchy), and fought a dog. Not just any dog, Whisper! If you consider everything, It would make sense. I know, I know, I'm a big party pooper, 'cause a lot of you think Storm is the bomb and all that but you don't have to rethink everything you belive in and become a total hermit and make friends with a blaket. It was an acident, Storm was asleep

Now onto who framed Moon. I think Breeze framed Moon, and If not I have a second opition. Now for She is a hunter and Just got back from a hunt. I think she quickly put the food in front of Moon, and then accused her of stealing and eating before the pack. Do you dissagree? Well there is still another; Beta. Not Lucky but Beta as in the Red Beta from the Novella Sweet's Journey. "Oh, But I thought she died!" :o She didn't. So, Sweet said this after her Fight with Beta: "You made me out as a theif, Beta. You called me a f.ood stealer in front of my pack and a deserter. You Lied! Leave Pack-less dog! While you still can!" and soon after Beta responds: I'll be back. Well she kept her promise. And she came back to tear sweet's pack apart, one dog at a time. Plus "Food Stealer" sound familier? Yes, Moon was said to have stolen the food and Beta used the same method on Sweet. Do you agree/disagree? This was just my opinion. Look out for Dead of Night, The second Book in the Gatering Darkness Series. Keep reading Survivors by Erin Hunter, See ya!

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