Hmm, okay. I don't blog that often, but okayyyyy, since there's a whole lot of stuff on my mind.

First of all, last week, it marks one year I've been on this wiki! Big achievement - woo! I've done this on two other wikis, but one I'm never on, so that doesn't really count.

Secondly, I know my activity has dropped a bit recently. A family member has passed away, and with homework and stuff, I've been a bit busy to come on.

Now, back to Survivors wiki - and I feel that if we get this done, it would boost the wiki.

The new userboxes still need a lot of work with getting updated.

I know, I'm not really helping, but being in a certain country it's harder for me to access Survivors books than most of you. I can't really do much on this, but I'm trying to contribute in a good way. I'm sorry if I'm rushing you if you're working on this, but they do need some work in getting done. However, I will try to help out when I can! :D

Anyway, this is my blog. Bramble is outttt.

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