• Dandyclaw

    After reading the Survivors series for the first time, i've been thinking of new ideas Erin Hunter could use for the futur Survivors series or a new adventure series of my own and this is what I thought of:

    The Wild pack incounters another pack of Leashed dogs that also escaped from the Big Growl and survived as a pack. However, it is revealed that the Beta has a personal vandetta and history with the Fierce Dog Blade and her pack, One of the dogs is a friend of Lucky's, and one of the pack members developes a relationship with Storm. Here are my charaters:

    • Alpha: 
    1. King- huge wolf-dog with white and gray fur, thick fur, a long tail, and bright blue eyes
    • Beta:
    1.  Trapper- light brown muscular and white colored short furred male Fierce Dog (Pit Bul…

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