New Idea of Survivors Series

After reading the Survivors series for the first time, i've been thinking of new ideas Erin Hunter could use for the futur Survivors series or a new adventure series of my own and this is what I thought of:

The Wild pack incounters another pack of Leashed dogs that also escaped from the Big Growl and survived as a pack. However, it is revealed that the Beta has a personal vandetta and history with the Fierce Dog Blade and her pack, One of the dogs is a friend of Lucky's, and one of the pack members developes a relationship with Storm. Here are my charaters:


  • Alpha: 
  1. King- huge wolf-dog with white and gray fur, thick fur, a long tail, and bright blue eyes
  • Beta:
  1.  Trapper- light brown muscular and white colored short furred male Fierce Dog (Pit Bull, former Firerce and Lone dog, King's best friend).
  • Hunters:
  1. Nicky- gray colored male Farm Dorg with thick furred, black spots, white under belly, and with docked tail (Australian Shepherd),
  2. Vert- big black colored long harried male Fight Dog (German Shepherd)
  3. Charlie- yellow and white f
  4. urred male dog with smooth hair (former Lone dog, Lab/Beagle mix)
  5. Abby- white short-harried female dog with blunt face (Bull Terrier)
  6. Scooter- small brown and white furred male swift-dog (Italian Greyhound)
  7. Penny- small brown and black female dog with wirey fur (Yorkshire Terrier, former nursing assistant)
  8. Cody- large light brown and black furred male Fight Dog (German Shepherd)
  • Patrol Dogs:
  1. Dolly- light brown and white long furred femal Farm Dog (Rough Coated Collie)
  2. Daniel- large muscular male tan and black Fierce dog with blunt face and stubby tail (Rottweiler, former guard dog)
  3. Mishka- red and white colored thick furred female dog (Alaskan Husky)
  4. Bandit- short brown and white under belly male Farm Dog with long tail (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)
  5. Vandal- a black and white long furred male dog with bushy tail (Papillion, former therapy dog)
  6. Betty- big black and white female Fight Dog with wrinkled face, docked tail, and cropped ears (Boxer)
  7. Butch- black and tan male Fierce Dog with blunt face, stubby tail, and with a deformed paw (Rottweiler)
  • Omega:
  1. Maxi- small white colored long haired dog with bushy tail (Chihuahua)

My Pack's Description:

King was adopted and rasied as with a wolf pack (his father was a husky and his mother was a wolf), but he never truly liked it. His older brothers and sister alaways made fun of him and the members of his pack always picked on him and made fun of him. Also the alpha of the pack and King's adopted father never wanted him as a son, due to the fact that he was part dog. The only ones who truly loved him was one of his sisters and his mother. One day King fell into a river and was swept awat from his pack's home territory. Thankfully, he was rescued by a family of five humans (four children and grandfather) and they brought him back home to live with them. Since then, King has lived a happy life and has almost forgotten about his wolf pack. King is kind and gentle dog in nature, but when it comes to defending his firends and pack he will fight to the death to save them. He treats all of his dogs with respect and so do they. He rarely ever gets angry at his pack, but always makes sure they are doing their jobs and are respectful to one another.

King leads his pack more differently than Alpha leads his. Unlike Alpha, who rules his pack with an iron paw, King leads his pack with compassion and would never harm a member of his pack nor betray them. When it comes to eating, King has Penny and Vandal sort out the food to make sure that all dogs get an equal amount of food. When it comes to punishments, King is not as cruel to to his packmates as Alpha is. Usually, King would either take away a section of food from the punished dog or have them do the Omega jobs for a whole day. However, both King and Alpha have all of their packmate do the Great Howl duri

ng a full moon and makes sure that their packmates are always doing their jobs properly. However, whenever a packmate is in trouble, King is willing to do everything in his pwer to save the dog in trouble, while Alpha would leave the dog if it endangers the pack. When it comes to intruders, at first King is hostile to the newcomers if he sees it treatens his pack, but if they are posing no threat he will let the intruder pass but will give them a warning. When it comes to Fierce Dogs, King doesn't not hate them as much as Alpha did. Although King dislikes Fierce Dogs for their brutal nature and not showing any mercy towards other animals, King believes that not all Fierce Dogs are evil and some have good in them.

Trapper was born and raised with the same Firerce Dog pack as Blade. They were also good friends and both dreamt of growing up to be leaders of their pack together one day. At first, Trapper tought that being a Fierce dog meant that they were always top dog and everyone respected who they were. However, as he got older, he realized the true savage and brutal nature of the Fierce dogs. One day, Trapper witnessed Blade attack and serious hurt a pup from another pack  in fornt of the other Fierce Dogs. Altough the rest of the Fierce dogs congraulated Blade for a job well done, Trapper was hurt to see his only friend surcome to the Firece Dog nature. On the before Trapper and Blades Trail of Rage, Trapper descided to escape and urged Blade to come with him. However, Blade refused say that she was born and meant to be a Fierce dog and that he should stay and escept his fait. Trapper eventually left the Firece Dogs and was rescued by a friendly family of humans who adaopted him. Thinking that his Fierce Dog life was over, Trapper descided that his place was with his humans and he would never go pack to Blade or the Fierce Dog pack. Unfortunately, one night when Trapper's family was gone and he was alone at the house, Blade, who is the Beta of her pack and is the mate of the Alpha of the Fierce Dog pack, finds where he lives and confronts him. She is enraged with Trapper becasue he not only abandoned her but also betrayed the Fierce Dogs and become a Leashed Dog. Trapper tells Blade that he didn't wanted to live that life any more and he found a new home with his humans. Yet Blade continues to tell him that they both born Fierce Dog and that he should come back to the Fierce Dog pack and excsept his fate. Trapper angryliy tells Blade that he will never be a true Fierce Dog and to leave him alone, much to Blade's disappointment. However one day, Blade and her Fierce Dogs attack one of Trappers family members and begin to taunt him. Although Trapper stopped the attack, he seriously injuried Blade's mate by knocking him into the street right into a passing car, and the human was not seriously injured, he was still enraged that Blade would attack him and the one thing he loved the most and so is she for kill her mate . In the end, Trapper vowed to one day make Blade pay for ruinning his perfect life. Trapper and King became best of friends because the both had similar past. Trapper is a tough and strong dog who is not afriad to get his paws dirty. However he is a loyal friend and is always their for his pack member if they are ever down on their luck.

Dolly, Nicky, and Bandit used to live on a farm area with and elderly couple, their jobs were to herd sheep into their pens, guard the chikens from wild animals, and look after the couples grandchildren when they were around. Bandit is the oldest of the three and is very wise and full of thoughtful comments. Although cranky sometomes he always trys to stay positive towards his friends. With his experiences, he knows how to partol different areas and sniff out an intruder. Dolly is the nicest dog in the pack and the one who has a crush on King. She is always nice and polite towards her pack mates and looks after them if they are hurting mentally or physically. However she will protective he friends if she can't reason with her enemy. However she has hated foxes all her life (after one fox killed a baby sheep she was friends with as a puppy) and refuse to trust or copperate with a fox in any way. Nicky is the toughest of the three and is never not ready for action, although his readyness can sometimes get him in trouble. He was the one who suggessted the pack use the wagon to carry their supplies. Also, out of all the dogs, Nicky is the one who believes that the only way they can survive is to stick together and watch each other's backs. He speaks with an Australian acscent. Furthermore, one of the children on the farm is a Boy Scout and Nicky learned useful skills about the forest from him to tell the pack.

Charlie used to be a Leashed dog like his friends but ran away because his owner was mean to him. For most of his life he lived  as a Lone dog and usually prefered to be alone and not in a pack and liked to travel and explore new places. During that time, he met up with Lucky and the two became friends, but eventually they went their separate ways. However, when he came to one specific neighborhood he met King and he insisted that Charlie stick around a while and meet his friends as long as he did hurt any of the humans. When the Big Growl sticked, Charlie descided to join King's pack becasue his frinds needed his help. Charlie is a hardworking do who always wants to make sure his pack can survive in their new wolrd. He has a good since of humor and like to spend time teaching his new friends (especially Butch) how to take care of themselves.

Penny and Vandal are the smartest dogs in the pack. One of their humans was a school teacher and she brought them with to the school she taught at an they listened to he lessons. The other human was a scientist who sometimes brought one of them at a time to the lab and they watched him do his work. Due to this, the can read some human langiuage, unlock doors, and think of clever ideas. Penny is very and energetic and likes to make her hunting sound fun and she is always ergear to please King. Vandal is a clam and easy going dog who gets along well with his pack members always gets his task down with no matter what. They like to tell the pack stories their human told her class during their spare time. They also know alot about treating wounds since their other human was a nurse. They are also able to think of creative ideas to help their make in any way. Penny also speaks in an Australian acscent.

Out of all the dogs in the pack, Vert and Scooter are the "dynamic duo", because they were raised together as puppies while they were in a shelter and always have ach others backs. Vert is the most loyal member of the pack and one of the bravest since he believes friends and family should alawys stick together no matter. He also has a semi- sense of humor and likes to tell the jokes he herd from his owner to the pack to cheer them up. Due to his loyality, King made Vert his third in command. Scooter is friendly to all the other dogs and is a bit of a trickster, but whenever King tells him to do a tasks, he puts his foolishness aside and gets to work. Out of all the dogs in the pack, Scooter is the fastest, able to out run any dog in the pack.

Abby and Mishka used to live together in the same home with the same family. Out of all the female dogs in the pack, Abby is the toughest, ready to take on any challenge that stands between her and her pack. Although she has a bit of a temper, she always trys to keep her cool around her pack members and newcomers. She is not afriad to pick a fight with any animal that treatens her firends. She allows has a crush on Trapper. Mishka is one of the most headstrong and hardworking of the pack, always egert to work together with her friends and looks after all of the small dogs in the pack. If something ever happens to one of them (or any pack member) she is a ready to jump into action. Due to her sled dog instict, she is one who mainly pulls the wagon.

Out of all the members in the pack, Daniel is the bravest. He used to be a guard dog until he retired when his partner was killed and he was adopted by his partner's wife. During one of his patrols, some mean humans broke into the building Daniel and his partner were guarding. When he saw the robbers split up, Daniel had to choice eith to go after the one robber and protect the money they were guarding or go and back up his partner. Sadly, he choice to go after the one robber and although they were both captured and the money was saved, Daniel's partner wasv killed by the other robber. Since this event, Daniel is determined to protect all of his friends from any danger. Due to his experiences in guarding boundaries, King made Daniel his head patrol dog. Butch looks up to Daniel as a father and role model. Butch is always acting tough and is willing to do anything to please King, much to his delight. Butch sometimes helps Maxi with his chores to keep himselves busy sice he likes helping others when they need it or not. He sometimes switches jobs with Vandal and Penny so he can learn how to hunt and patrol. Even though he was the runt of his litter, Butch believes he is destanted for greatness, and is very kindhearted and ready to help his friends in any way possible.

Betty, Cody, and Maxi all lived in the same house with the same human family. Cody is a tough dog with a good sense of humor and smell, since he was trained as a search and rescue dog by his owner. Betty is a caring dog who will do anything to protect and stand up for her family but she can sometimes be impatient. Maxi is a sometimes hyperactive but a over all a knid hearted dog who doesn't mind his small size. With his sense of smell Cody was made a hunter, Betty a partol dog because of her protective instict, and since Maxi was the smallest dog in the pack, King made him the Omega which he doesn't actually mind. 

My Pack's Story So Far:

The characters are all local friends who lived together in a quite nieghborhood, and their humans were all friends with each other  untill the big growl strike, drove their humans away, and destroyed their homes. When King escapes his homw and meets up with Charlie and Trapper, he realizes that there are pets still trapped in side some houses in need of their help. One by one, the dogs free there friends form their trapped homes and meet up with other dogs that already survived the Big Growl. Although confused at first, King urges the dogs that they should form a pack and try to survive untill they find their humans. With the help of King's wild instincts, Trapper's Fierce Dog fighting skills, Nicky's Boy Scouts skills, and Charlies survival skills, the dogs are able to form a pack, esstablish ranking, train themselves survival skills, and learn how to hunt and fight for themselves. They even gather useful humans supply and food in a red wagon to bring along with them in case they need it (such as blankets, bags of kibble, and water bowls) before leaving the neighborhood in search of their humans.

As they walk on, the newly formed pack improve their hunting and tracking skills, add newly captured prey to their pile, and King makes sure that every dog gets an equal amount of food during eating periods. Also the dogs get used to doing the Great Howl at night since King tells them it is a way of telling their humans where they are. Furthermore, King urges his pack to eat more wild prey and not human kibble because he wants to save the kibble for a last resort and doesn't want his pack to become to relying on the kibble since thy don't know when they will find more. In time, the pack finds a small forest that has plenty of prey and water that is not poisioned by the Big Growl. However, it is currently being occupied by a Saint Bernard named Blaze and his pack of wild dogs and he doesn't want to share. The two packs end up fighting and King and his pack are able to defeat Blaze's pack and honorablely surrenders the forest to King and his pack. However, Penny, Vandal, Scooter, and Maxi begin to doubt themselves as valuable pack member due to their size, since they were too small to help fight off Blaze's pack. Then a few days after the fight with Blaze, the four dogs are left alone at the camp to help Maxi with the Omega duties, the camp is raided by three cats. Luckily the four small dogs are able to fend off the cats long enough for the other pack members to come to their aid. King congratulates them for a job well done for defending their camp, renewing the small dogs' spirits. Although they celebrate their first two battles and find plenty of prey to eat and water to drink, they know they can't stay in the territory and eventually leave to go back and find their humans. As the dogs begin their journey, the discover that most of their city has been destroyed and abandoned and the humans are gone or dead.

After a few days of traveling, the comes across a small suburban neighborhood that was also hit by the Big Growl. However, the supposibley vacant neighborhood is currently being occupied by another pack of dogs (Duke, Rocky, Elsie, Rusty, Butter, Skinner, Whitey, Flower, Tadpole, Boomer, and a few other dogs) the alpha being a large and powerful Rottweiler named Duke. At first, when the packs first meet, Deke allows King and pack to stay in home territory, but only temporarily. For a couple of days, the packs remain at peace with each other until an event at the local pond ends the peace. When Betty and Dolly acuse two members of Duke's pack of attacking them and stealing their food, Duke refuses to belive them and blames King for not contoling is packmemebers proparly. So King and his pack leave the area peacefully since they don't want to start another war with Duke's pack. During their journey away from the city, the Leashed Dog pack run into a few trouble along the way. Daniel, Bandit, Trapper, and Betty get attacked by a group of foxes during one of their patrols around their temporary territory. Although they were able to fight of the foxes and kill one of them, they are all wounded and Bandit's tail is badly chewed up. Also, during a hunting mission, Charlie, Nicky, Butch, King, and Abby find their way into a nearby farm yard. Even though Charlie insist that they investigate in case their is food, Nicky tells them that they should stay way from the farm animals so they don't anger the farmer. However, they attract the attention of six Farm dogs (Rita, Whitey, Blackout, Franny, Homer, Timmy) when Butch accidentally scares a baby sheep. The dogs plead that they didn't mean any harm and they will leave peacefully, the six Farm dogs refuse to believe them and they attack them. Luckily, the Leashed Dogs are able to drive the Farm dogs away and turn back to the camp, all with nasty wounds on them. Thankfully, they avoid the angry farmers long enough for Nicky and Penny to treat their wounds and they quickly move on. During the time, Dolly confesses her feels for King and the two become a couple.

Along the way, the Leashed Dog pack encounters King's neighborhood nemiesis, Princess the poodle, who also escaped and survived the Big Growl. Despite her disliking towards the other dogs, Princess offers herself to the pack, assuming that they need a real leader to show them the ropes. At first King refuses to due their rivalary (Princess always made fun of him due to the fatc that he was part wolf, and she was always a brat and drama queen, thinking that everyone should worship her since she was the most popular dog in the nieghnorhood), but conviced by this pack that they shouldn't leave a dog behind, King lets Princess joing the pack as long as she do what he tells her do to, much to Princesses dislike. Over the next few days, Princess begins to get on the packs nerves by not taking any over jobes servoiusly and thinking that she is more superior over the others. After she eats some of the food before the rest of the pack, King puts Princess on Omega duties to punish her for what she did. However, during her duties, she allows a pair of foxes to steal some of the food while she goofs off. Enraged by her troubling nature, King attacks Princess, tells how much he has hated her over the years, and banishes her from the pack, leaving Princess heartbroken. As time goes by, although the pack is glad Princess is gone, King begins to feel giulty for what he said. However, Princess returns to warn them that a group of yellow dressed humans where coming to the area. Although they don't believe her at first, a returning patrol team makes them realize that she was right and the flee the area. Thanking Princess for her help, King offers her a place in the pack again, only this time she refuse and leaves the pack, believing that he made her realize how big of a pain she was being and thinks she is better off on her own.

When the Leashed Dog pack enter a large valley area, they encounter a pack of wolves that occupy the territory. However, it is revealed that two of the wolves, one of them being the Alpha male of the pack, are King's older brother and sister from his original pack. The pack consist of ten wolves Rainfall (light brown female), Lightning (redish female, Rainfall's best friend), Snow (white male), Midnight (black female) (two of the youngest members of the pack), Scar (dark brown male, former alpha, stepted down due to age, oldest packmember), Shadow (black female, Winter's mate), Winter (white Alpha male), Windspirit (brown Beta male), Stream (black Omega female), and Forest (brown male, after a fight with a bear, he became mute and lost one of his legs) and one dog Sky (male, Mom was an Akita and dad was a Husky. Sky was abandoned as a pup and was later adopted by Shadow and Winter. He is the same age as Snow and Midnight, but is a lot more responsible). Seeing that their half-brother is still alive, Winter and Lightning invite King and his pack to stay with them for a while. Despite his disapointment of being with his old family again, King agrees to stay with his siblings pack until the are fit enough to travel. During there stay at Greathorn valley, Leashed Dog pack are treated peacefully and rudely by the wolf pack. Meanwhile, Winter begins to rough up King like he used to do when they were puppies, much to King disappointment. However, he doesn't fight back with his brother since he doesn't want to cause conflict between the two packs. However, Lightning is pleased to see her little brother again and tells him how heartbroken she and his mother was when he disappeared and thought that they would never see him again. King harshly tells her that he was happy that he left the wolf pack since no one ever like him and that he enjoyed his life as a Leashed Dog and that he was surprised that his brother had a dog in the pack due to the fact that he hated him so much. Lighting informs King that Winter and his mate Shadow adopted Sky into their pack since he reminded Winter how much he missed King, much to King surprise.

Lightning also tells King what happened to their pack a few months after he disappeared. Apparently, the rival pack of King's original pack launched a secret assault on King's home and they were defeated. During the attack, King's mother and father were killed, yet the other wolf pups escaped, while the other memebrs disbanded the original pack and ran away. Winter and Lighting left their brothers and sister to find another home in the North Territory while the others went ot the South. They eventually found the Greathorn valley and they were welcomed into the pack due to the fact that they were still pups and the other pack memebers took pity on them. When the Leashed Dog Pack discovers that the rival pack of the Greathorn pack, the Ridgemountain pack, plans to invade the valley and take it by force, they try to warn the wolves but not everyone believes them. However on the night before the Ridgemountain pack attack, the Greathorn pack spy the pack closing on them and they Greathorn and Leashed Dog pack ambush the other wolves and drive them away. After is pack recovers from the battle, King and his pack decide to leave and continue their jounrey, but before they leave, Winter informs his brother that he and his pack are always welcome back to the valley whenever they choice to.

 As the Pack journeys from their former camp ground in search of a new home, they come across an abandoned longpaw city (the same one Alpha's pack comes across only early then he does) that was hit by the Big Growl. When the Leashed Dogs see the bodies of dead longpaw, they all break down in saddness since it reminds them of their families. When the Leashed Dogs finish grieving, King Reminds his pack that they sound not feel sad forever because it is not what their humans would have wanted and the must continue to have faith that their families are OK. Feeling much better by King's words of wisdom, the Pack seperates into two teams and go out in search for food and shelter they find some inside a longpaw food house. Seeing that all hope is not lost the entire Pack are all excited and relieved by the sight and smell of food. However, the next during Daniel's partol he and his team are ambushed by Terror and his pack. Altough he politely asked Terror for temporary access to his hunting grounds Terror refuses and orders his pack to attack, but they are able to escape. When the regroups the following evening, Daniel explains what happeneded to him and his team and Terro's od behavior. Despite Nicky's urge to stand up to Terror, Penny insist that they don't since she has seen Terror's behaviro and knows that a "mad dog" can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Knowning that Penny has a point, King tells his pack that they will leave the forest as soon as possible, before Terror descides to attack them. However, Abby thinks they can take Terror and his pack like they did before and tries to convince King to change his mind, but he refuse saying it's too big of a risk to take. Unfortunately, Abby disobeys King's order and his captured by Terror and his pack. Luckily, Twitch helps King rescue Abby and the pack runs away before Terror knows they are gone.

During their journey the encounter Lucky and his friends on their journey to regroup with their pack (between the beginning of The Endless Lake). Although hostle to the newcomers at first, Charlie and Lucky tell their packs that they know eack other from their past and niether mean them harm. With that being sadid the packs show each other compassion and start traveling togther to find a new home. Along the way, Trapper tells Storm of his past with Blade and Storm and Butch form a relationship. Lucky and King become friends and tell each other of their past and about their packs. In his thoughts Lucky wishes that Alpha could be more like King and being compassionate with all the members of his pack. When they reach the abandoned city, King's pack descides to head into the city since they felt more at home there and told Lucky that he was willing to make an allaince with Alpha and his pack. He even has a few of his dogs (Daniel, Scooter, Butch, Betty, and Cody) escourt Lucky, Bella, Storm, Martha, and Moon back to their base. When they arrive, they inform Alpha that wishes to make an alliance with Alpha. Alpha tells Daniel to tell his leader that he will think about the allaince but untill then, if King's pack is to come into their territory, they will be considered intruders. Daniel agrees to tell King before he and the other head back to their pack.

As time passes, King and his pack make their home in an anbandoned human house that is close to the forest. Sadly, like Alpha's pack, they have little luck finding food and water and they only food they find are mice and rabbits. When Lucky and his pack are attacked by the Fierce dog pack, Trapper and his team of hunters and patrol dogs (Nicky, Abby, Dolly, Bandit, and Charlie) come to aid the other dogs. Just when Blade realizes Trapper, the storm hitts and Trapper and his team are forced to retret back to the safty of the human house. For several days, the Leashed Dog pack is forced to stay indoors until the storm dies down. However, when Storm is kidnapped by the Fierce dog,  King descides that his pack should help Lucky and his pack. However, Butch runs off alone to help rescue Storm and is attacked and captured by the Fierce Dogs. While he is captured, Fang asks Butch tauntingly why he never decided to follow his true Fierce Dog narture and join a pack with a traitor (meaning Trapper). Butch tells him that being a Fierce dog is not what he wanted and Trapper was a better dog then Fang and Blade ever were. Thankfully, King and his pack come to the aid of Lucky and his pack before the Fierce dogs can kill them. King is shocked and enraged to see that Alpha has turned against his pack and joined the Fierce Dog Pack. In the end they all escape, but not before Trapper and Butch treaten to kill Blade and Fang if they ever come near their family or friends ever agian. Also King tells Alpha that he doesn't deserve to be a leader, that he has ruined and failed his pack, and should stay away from them if he wants to live. Once King and his pack escort Lucky and his pack back to their terriotry, he makes an alliance with Sweet before he and his pack do back home.

As time goes by, the Leashed Dog pack become more comfortable in their new home in the abandoned longpaw den. Although most of the longpaw food they find is unedible, the hunters are able to bring pack geese from the nearby forest. King makes the decision to promote Butch to a Partol Dog, believing he is no longer a puppy and has earned the right to become a true pack member, much to Butch's delight. During one of the partols one morning, Daniel reports back that when they went by the Fierce Dog terriotry, the didn't pick up the sent of any of the dogs. At first, the pack seems reliefed that maybe Blade and her pack have moved on, but Trapper reminds them that Blade still has a score to settle with the Wild Dog pack and has not gone far. So King tells the pack to be on the look out for the Fierce Dogs. Then some of the hunters return to tell the pack that they have seen longpaws in the town; they wanted to investigate some more but the longpaws overheard them and Vert thought it would be best to tell King before they investigate more. Some of the dogs are pleased by the news, but King reminds them that these longpaws are not like their own longpaws and may not be as kind to them as usual. So he tells pack to keep their distance from the lonpaws until they have learned more about them.

One night Trapper awakens to goe to the bathroom when he smells a familiar scent in the air. Thinking nothing of it, he follows the scent and see that it is Fang, badily injuried by the Fierce Dogs. At first Trapper is angered that Fang would have the confidence to come to his home after what he did to Storm, but begs for mercy and tells him that Blade is planning to an ambush on the Wild Dog pack and he argees to show him. Taking pity on the pup, Trapper follows Fang to the cave where he is ambush by the Fierce Dog pack. Trapper tries to fight them off, but he is overwhelmed and is knock out cold. When he awaken he in a enclosed area with Lucky with Blade standing by. Although sacred at first, Trapper ask why she didn't kill him when she had the chance. Blade explains that she is not after him, Lucky, or either of their pack, but it is Storm she wants to kill and lead into a trap. She tells them that the Spirit Dog told her that Storm will cause another Big Growl unless she and the Fierce pups that were born after the first Big Growl. Trapper is angered and sicken that Blade would kill her own pup just becase of the Big Growl, but she simply walks away with Arrow. Worried for their packs safety, the two dogs try to plan an escape. Although Lucky hides a hole that he thinks they can climb out of, they are stopped by Alpha. Both Lucky and Trapper are enraged to see Alpha and Trapper ask why he joined the Fierce Dogs since he hated them so much. Alpha tells them that he joined them because they had a chance to survive instead of his former pack and leaves them to their doom. Luckily, Storm, Bella, and Sweets arrive to save them along with Cody, Mishka, Bandit, and Abby (who reveals that Maxi saw Trapper get captured and went for help). As the dogs try to escape, the are cut for by Blade and her pack. They watch in horror as Blade kills Fang before their eyes. Although tramatized the dogs manage to escape when the ground begins to move.

Cody, Abby, Mishka, and Bandit part ways with Lucky and the others, wishing them good luck, and take Trapper back to the camp to inform King and the others of the news. King realizes that the pack can't stay in the house for now and tells the, to gather the supplies and get to higher ground. When the pack is ready to leave, Dolly notices the waves going back and can feel the earth moving. Knowing the danger is coming, the pack races to the nearby forest as the ground shakes, when the Growl stops the pack makes camp in the woods.

What my Characters look like (Leashed Dog Pack):

What other Characters and Settings look like:

The Greathorned Valley Pack

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